Summer camp

"MIA LUCIA PUERTA HURRY UP YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR ORIENTATION" "COMING ABI" i rush down stairs with my bags in tow, "who are the head of the groups?" "um.... one direction" my mouth drops open as my sister laughs at my face, "WELL LETS GO" we rush out to the car and leave.
***** Zayn is still in the band ******
(sorry I'm not good at blurbs but enjoy)


3. Trouble and Solo rehearsals

***The Next Day***

"Okay, we will have solo rehearsals today, first up is Zara" Louis looks at his list of names "good luck Zara" i smile as she leaves but stop smiling when Mackenzie slaps me "Wha was that for?" "just because you don't have a dad doesn't mean you can flirt with Louis, he's mine" she backs me over to the lake, "please don't, i can't swim" she just laughs and pushes me in

as soon as i hit the water i start to have flash backs of when the car crash happened, we fell in the lake so i stop struggling and just start sinking to the bottom of the lake, until i see black dots in front of my eyes but the last thing that i remember is being carried out of the water in strong arms

***5 hours later***

I wake up to a bright light then white walls but i also fell something strong on my hand so i turn my head and i see Louis reading a book while holding my hand so i squeeze my hand and get his attention

"A...A...Amelia?" he says shocked "" he smiles and kisses my hand, "what happen....." i was interrupted by Mackenzie rushing into the room, "OMG Louis are you okay?" "I think you should leave miss Dougles" says Louis's record deal leader, Simon Cowell, he looks over at Louis and nods, he smiles and turn back to me then crushes his lips onto mine and i kiss back when i hear a frustrated scream, we break apart and look at the door and see the cops,

"Miss...Amelia we need to ask you a few questions?" i just nod, they come and sit down, "tell us what happened after Mr Tomlinson left" 

"okay well after he left Mackenzie came over to me and slapped me as you can tell be my cheek being red, then she started yelling at me while leading me down to the lake, as soon as we go to the lake she said, "Just because you don't have a dad doesn't mean you can flirt with Louis, he's mine" then i said "please don't, i can't swim" but she didn't listen and pushed me in then right before i blacked out i felt someone strong carry me out of the water and now I'm here" they just nod and write everything down, "thank you Miss Puerta, we will take Miss Smith out of camp and we will send your sister" "thank you" says Louis

i start coughing so i put my hand up to my mouth, when i pull it away i see my sister in the doorway, "Leave boys, this is a family matter" they all look at me and i nod so they leave, as soon as the door closes Abigail comes over and slaps me

"Idiota puta" i gasp and she steps back and says, "why did you push her in the water?" "i didn't" she shakes her head "don't even bother coming home after camp, i never want to see you again" and she walks out leaving me crying while Louis runs in and hugs me, so i tell him everything.

"Damn, well you could stay with me in London i...i mean if you want to-" i shut him up by kissing him, he starts to deepen the kiss then climbs on top of me while pulling away making me laugh because he stars to tickle me making me be out of breath, "Louis... please... stop I'm ticklish" he stops and looks at my red face and kisses me again, "get some rest, we will have solo rehearsals tomorrow and don't worry i'll stay the night"

he climbs in next to me and kisses my temple and i fall asleep.

***the next day***

"Okay, Amelia time for solo rehearsals follow me" i get up and follow Louis out the door and into a cabin in the woods but when i enter i don't see Louis until i feel someone kiss my neck and a whisper in my ear, "what song are you going to sing?" and then more kisses along the back of my neck, "w..w..well i was going to sing the cup song i just need a plastic cu-" he shuts me up by putting his arms around my waist very softly making my breath hitch, he laughs at me

He walks infront of me and sits down and hands me a cup from behind him, "you come prepared don't you?" "no, i asked Zara what song you was going to sing" i laugh and sit down on the ground and star the beat


I got my ticket for the long way 'round

Two bottle 'a whiskey for the way

And i sure would like some sweet company

And I'm leaving tomorrow wha-do-ya say?


When I'm gone

When I'm gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me by my hair 

You're gonna miss me everywhere, oh

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone


Ive got my ticket for the long way 'round

The one with the prettiest of views

Its got mountains, its got rivers, its got sights to give you shivers

But it sure would be prettier with you


When I'm gone

When I'm gone

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone

You're gonna miss me by my walk 

You're gonna miss me by my talk, oh

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone


"There I'm done" i look up and see all my group and the rest of one direction watching me with their mouths hanging open

"what? why are you all looking at me like that?" i feel arms around my waist and breath on my ear, "they found out about us because of Mackenzie so we don't have to hide any more" i look behind me and smash my lips onto louis and he kisses me back, "Hey Lou, is that a love bit on Mia's neck?"asks Zayn but Louis doesn't answer because we are still kissing







Sorry for not updating in a while, I've been really busy but now i have. And I'm just saying the next chapter is called 'Love bits' so enjoy.

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