Summer camp

"MIA LUCIA PUERTA HURRY UP YOUR GOING TO BE LATE FOR ORIENTATION" "COMING ABI" i rush down stairs with my bags in tow, "who are the head of the groups?" "um.... one direction" my mouth drops open as my sister laughs at my face, "WELL LETS GO" we rush out to the car and leave.
***** Zayn is still in the band ******
(sorry I'm not good at blurbs but enjoy)


1. Prologe

Amelia Lucia Puerta:

age: 18

hair colour: strawberry blonde

eye colour: blue



Abigail Camilla Puerta

age: 20

hair colour: light brown

eye colour: brown



Zara Elizabeth White

age: 15

hair colour: black

eye colour: green



Niall Horan 

Liam Payne 

Louis Tomlinson 

Harry Styles

Zayn Malik

(You know what they look like, when Zayn was in the band)

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