FNAF Is Fright 2

Time for part 3 and 4, welcome back, what have you brought



Time for some more kids, welcome back to Fazbear's Fright, the new horror attraction, based on the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, come on down, have a look, OR BE A PART OF THE ATTRACTION.

well, that is your decision, So, the choice is yours, choose wisely, you can't change your decision.

(Night Guard)  Night 8!?!?!? IT'S MEANT TO BE SEVEN, well, it's meant to be five, BUT SERIOUSLY, 8 NGIHTS, pisses me off, after this I might quit.

So, he is walking to work, til he bumps into his manager, he says:
Phone Guy: What are you doing, didn't you get the message? 

Jeremy:            No, why and what message?

Phone Guy: Didn't you get the memo, the place is closed down, for a while at lease. I'll try to get a hold of the manager, of the old Establishment, No one has heard from then in a while, I think it was called 'Fredbear's Family Diner'. I'll let you know if I get anything, if I do, I'll probably take the night shift my self.

Jeremy: uhhh...ok? Every-thing all right?

Phone Guy: Go home, Now.

So after he left Phone Guy, to go home, he was thinking, "I am going to do my job." So he went to the Pizzeria to survive the night shift. But when he got there, He realized, Phone Guy was right, he was NOT supposed to be there. Phone Guy called him and said:

Phone Guy: W-What on Earth are you doing there, didn't you get the memo? The place is closed down, for a while at least, we had a spare suit in the back, a yellow one, Look, Just sit tight and finish your shift, it's safer then wondering in the night.

So, Jeremy finished his shift, survived, he went home, thinking, 'WHOA, THAT WAS TO INTENSE' so he went home, and never wanted to go back, but then, phone guy called him

Phone Guy: Hey Jeremy, how was your night, was it, TENSE?


Guess what, come back next time, HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHe

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