Soul Search


6. 6



"Let me go!" I shouted as I struggle to retrieve my wrist from this monster in front of me. He is a psycho. He smiled like a villain, I'm currently in his car where he dragged me.

"Can't you see? This is how much I want you." He grinned. I took my phone out and was about to dial 911 but before I could, his hand gripped it from mine and threw it across the dashboard though it didn't break.

"Tyson, stop being crazy! This is not you. Let me go already!" He sniffed and looked away, but his villainous smirk never left. I don't know what's happening to him, I broke up with him almost a month ago and it felt like it was okay with him. Now he's acting like a freaking psychopath without a reason.

"You're right, this isn't me."

"What the hell do you want from me? We broke up! You had girls on your side, why do you still bother me?" It's true. I hated him for it. But it didn't matter, because it would only waste my time and I have no time for bullshit.

Instead of hearing an answer, he grinned once again. That was the last thing I remembered after I blacked out.


"Her vital signs are good, no internal bleeding as far as we know," The doctor stated while she faced my mother. She flipped through her records and then looked back at mom. "Though if she wakes up, she might experience memory loss due to the head damage she went through. Those things are normal especially after accidents like this, I just wanted you to know so you won't get surprised if she doesn't remember anything." She continued, mom nodded.

"She's going to wake up, right?" My mother asked. The doctor paused for a moment and smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes.

"She will." She answered giving my mom hope, but I knew what her face would have said. I hope so.

Ethan will be here in half an hour, I heard mom on the phone. She was talking to him. I sat on the stool just beside my bed. I held my hands, the air inside was cold. My skin looks paler than ever. Shoulder blades became sharper, and my hair fell back darker. Wake up! I shouted at my brain, but it seems like it's on a deep sleep as well.

I wonder where Isaac might be, it's getting pretty lonely out here. Without someone to talk to.

I felt a bulb flashed on the top of my head, I had an idea. I'm in a hospital. It means I'm not the only soul wandering around here, there are probably many of us in here. I flashed outside my room, roamed my eyes to find someone like me but they all seem to look like normal people. Maybe some of them are souls, they just look normal.

I was about to wander off again when out of nowhere, Isaac stopped me. I looked at him, he looks like he hasn't showered since last night because his hair looks twice as messy as before and he wears a hoodie and under it is his shirt which fabric resembled to a straightened-crumbled paper. My eyebrows met due to confusion.

"Should I say good morning to you? Because you look like you just got out of bed." I said as I study him from head to foot.

"No," He answered with his face blank. He shook his head and fixed his hair effortlessly, it didn't do much but he still looks good. Is he even human? "Anyway, why are you out here?"

"Oh, that's right. I figured that I'm currently a soul, right?" He nodded. "And there's probably souls like me wandering in this hospital, who could actually help me. Right?" I smiled out of the hype. He didn't seem to agree, his face remained blank. I don't know but this might be the best idea I've ever thought of, and his face doesn't show any excitement on this. In fact, he looked more anxious than before.

He looked around the hall before speaking, which still looks like a normal hall to me. "You can't do that."

It took only a second before my expression changed from excitement to being puzzled. His eyebrows met, mine did too. He acts like he wants to leave but he can't. I'm really confused.

"What do you mean I can't do that?"

"It's too risky. I can't tell you that here. I've seen this happen before, but I'm not quite sure how to point it out. It's pretty blurry inside my head." I'm starting to question Isaac's humanity, if he even is one. I don't know how anything like this could be possible, like him seeing visions of the future. But right now, everything he says has a big percentage of being true. My soul just separated from my body, and it's real. He can see my soul and he saw what's going to happen next, and it's real as well.


"So you're telling me that there are souls wandering around like me, in here, at this very building, and I just couldn't recognize them because they look like normal people?" I asked. We're at the hospital's cafeteria at the doctor's area, since we can't leave because he's worried that something might happen to my body while I'm gone. And yes, that's the right word. Worried.


"Why are we in the doctor's cafeteria area again?" Yes, I am also wondering why we're here. He didn't tell me anything, he just brought me here and I have no idea how he got in here.

"Because we might not know, we cannot recognize souls, though I can clearly see that you are one with you in your hospital gown." He laughs lightly looking at my dress and yes I look ridiculous, I shot him a dark look then he continues. "And they might eavesdrop on our conversation, if they do they might tempt you to help them so they can help you." He went back scrolling through his phone. His lasagna was only moved once, he was busy reading something I don't know on the screen of his cellular. Did he say they would tempt me?

"First, I have no soul wardrobe I apologize for my dress. And second, wouldn't that be a great thing if they helped me?" He took his out his eyeglass from his hoodie and wore it, still reading something. Yes, he looks hotter with glasses on. Fuck Isaac, I need to focus on my recovery and he is making it hard for me.

"First, don't worry you look hot." I rolled my eyes. My cheeks would've turned red if I wasn't a soul right now. "Second, no," He said with his eyes not leaving the screen. He took another bite in his lasagna before saying anything again. "They can't help you, they'll make it worse."

"Well, shit." I cursed. He nodded. "You told me earlier that you saw this happen before, what did you see?" I asked but he didn't answer, like he never heard me. Seems like he didn't like whatever he saw.

"Found it." He said still staring at his phone. I was waiting for the next thing he'd say. Finally, he looked at me. "It's a book, it's very rare and they don't publish these anymore."

A book? A book about what?

"It's about souls like you, why you're body is still alive and why you can't wake up." He looked back on the screen, clicked something and then showed it to me. It was the cover of the book. "It's not quite accurate, sounds like complete bullshit since it's just theoretical."

I ignored his non-sense opinion. In my situation, I would take any bullshit theoretical book to read to retrieve myself. It's worth it, I'm worth it. I have to do this for my family, I can't let them suffer more pain I've caused. I need to wake up.

He took his phone back and then started to eat again. Good thing there isn't much people here since the doctor's are all busy and in their offices. There are some here but they don't seem to mind us, or Isaac. Since I'm invisible.

"Can you get that book for me?" I asked with all of my pride. Back at school, I know that he knew that Katie and I strongly disliked him for being such a play boy. Before, there was the three of us. Me, Katie, and Dawn. Dawn started dating him, we warned her about Isaac. She didn't listen, after Isaac got what he wanted. He did his great escape. Dawn cried, we saw her. Then one day, we just heard the news that Dawn transferred schools and she never even said goodbye.

"What's in it for me?" He grinned. Ugh, I have no time for this. But hell I will do whatever it takes. He's the only one who could help me, beggars can't be choosers. Since I'm like one right now.

"Okay," I closed my eyes, tight shut. "I'll do whatever you want. Just please help me." I felt my pride drained, I never thought I would be in a situation like this. But here I am, swearing to one of the hottest fuck boy in school, that I will do whatever he wants for something.

"As you wish, then."

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