Soul Search


5. 5


Everything went back. I remember how I got here. Isaac was there, he warned me. He said I was in danger, I didn't listen to him. I thought he was playing games, like he used to. But he wasn't, he was right. If I listened to him, none of this would have happened. Also, there's a good point why I didn't. Number one, I barely know him. Two, he is one of the fuck boys of the school. Three, yes he is hot but he looks like he can never be trusted.

"Can you tell me how did you know I was in trouble that day?" I asked. Here I am, at the waiting area with Isaac. I can't believe I'm really talking to this guy.

"What day?" He looked at me, then to the old lady who is sitting on the opposite side of the area. Probably wondering why Isaac is talking to an empty seat. He pulls his EarPods from his pocket and puts in inside his ears. "This is to make me look less crazy while I talk to you."

Smart boy. I nodded. "Let's go back, shall we?"

"We shall."

"The day of my accident, you warned me before I went home, right?" He nods. I waited for his answer but there was none. "Are you even listening?" Ugh, of all guys who could see souls, why him? He is impossible.

"Oh, that was your question?" I stood up from my seat and was about to leave because if I don't I'm going to crack. "Wait, don't leave yet, I apologize for being such a douche." He holds the mic of his EarPods up to his lip to make it look like he's talking on the phone. I shot him a bored look.

I sighed. It seems like I really have no choice. If I want to wake up or talk to my parents, Isaac is the only person I know who could help. I have no time to find another person because I only have approx 70 days to fix this.

"Okay. I had a dream, or a vision. I don't know what it means, I saw people getting into accidents or being killed by someone but I don't know who they are.." He said. He closed his eyes, struggling to remember things. "Voices too, they won't let me sleep sometimes." I nodded as I listen to him. Right now, I can't seem to see the fuck boy in him. He looks so sincere and pure.

"Then there's you," He opened his eyes, they stared into mine. Those circles made of greenish-blue color, so beautiful. "I saw you, stopped at a red light. The truck hit the bumper of your car, your head broke the window." I grew anxious, my heart felt like it was racing. But I don't have one since I'm just a soul. The nurses suddenly ran through the hallway. Isaac stood up to see what was happening.

"Nurse! Please!" A woman shouted. That voice seemed so familiar somehow I recognized it. Isaac looked at me, wide-eyed in shock. It was my mom's voice.


"Thank God, your body's okay." Isaac said. Apparently, my heart was pounding so fast just as I felt it, and I could barely breathe but now I'm stable. I calmed my soul down so my body could too. I didn't know it affects my body, so I really have to be extra careful now if I want to live.

"It's late, you should be going home." I said, even though I don't want him to leave yet. Because knowing that I could talk to someone feels nice though he's an asshole, he is actually being nice to me.

He checked his phone. "You're right it's late, but no one at home seems to care about where I am right now." He looked at me, I looked away. "You sure you want me to go home?"

"Yes," He nodded as a sign of okay. He turned around but before he could walk away, I asked him. "Will you be back soon?"

"You'll find out tomorrow, but for now, Au Revoir!" I smiled. This is actually the first time my soul smiled. "Hey, don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." He winked.

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