Soul Search


4. 4



It was a busy day at school, art class, trigonometry and Spanish class never fail to entertain me. Katie was my tutor, we study during break time while we eat. I suck at math so much.

"Let's get this over with." I said as I bite on the sandwich I bought from the cafeteria. Katie was chilling, like the smart girl she is. She writes down the equation then hands it to me.

I write down the formula then started solving this hell. I looked back up at Katie, she's eating. Someone behind her was looking at us, I can't point out clearly who it is.

Katie looked back to see what I'm looking at. She stares back at me while she raises an eyebrow.

"Why are you looking at Isaac?"

Oh, so it was Isaac. Wow he's creepy, it's the 3rd time I caught him looking at us or me today. He's not one of the creepy dudes here in school, in fact he's one of the hottest but hell that's creepy.

"It's just weird.. This is the third time I caught him, looking at me."

Actually, he's been acting like that for the whole week. I shivered. Ugh, the feeling of being stalked.

"Maybe you're one of his target," She grins, I glared. "What? You have a nice shape and you're not too ugly yourself."

She laughs like a kid. I shook my head in disbelief of her being this immature. I went back to writing. Yeah, Isaac might look good in his loose gray shirt and his hazel blonde hair messed up as usual and the way he talks, he shouldn't shut up in that accent but to hell I never dreamed to become one of his condoms.

"Cody is going to pick me up today, we're going to this Mexican restaurant." Katie says. Class is finally over, we're already going out of school. "You want to come?"

"As much as I want to third wheel, I don't. I'll pass." I smiled but it didn't reach my eyes.

"Okay, you bitter vegetable." And she walked away. Maybe I am, I blame my ex-boyfriend for it. He deserved to die.

I made my way to Ethan's car while I find my keys in my bag. As soon as I did, I looked up to my car. To my surprise, Isaac is standing there looking at me. What the hell?

I stopped, my face puzzled as I looked at his. His arms are crossed against his chest, eyebrow raised. Damn he is hot. Okay, fuck that thought. What the heck is he doing here?

"Yes, you are probably wondering why I'm here." He says.

"No shit."

"Chill, alright?" He answered. I stopped again, he did too. A minute has passed and it felt like we were on a staring contest. I ignored him and was about to open my car's door but he pulled my wrist.

"I'm sorry, I have no idea how to say this.." He said again. God, I have no time for his games. I gave him a bored look waiting for an answer. "You're in danger, can I please take you home so I know you're safe?"

Shocking. My face still bored. Once again I ignored him. "Look, Sykes. I don't want play your little game. Stop bothering me." And finally, I hopped in the car and started the engine. He let me go this time and he watched me.

I have a lot of problems to deal with, I don't want him to be one. I'm taking Cake today at the vet, her diet isn't going really well and she seems to be weak and cold. Also, I have to get Ethan's car washed after I go to the vet. My dad is also stressed out with his work, he wants me to help him on his interior project.

All these thinking is making me dizzy. "Shit!" I immediately stepped on the break. Phew! Close one, it was a red light. I heard a loud honk of a truck behind me. I looked back, and..

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