Soul Search


12. 12


She shook her head and ignored me. That was a relief! Though she could actually see me and she didn't tell my brother. I don't get it but it was a good thing.

They left and I went back to my ward. Mom wasn't here this time. She's probably out to get some food or something. I'm getting sick of staring at my body. My head bandage looked new. They changed it.

The lights flickered on and off. It's weird. It scared me.

It blacked out for a minute, then the lights went back. I went out. The nurses were in and out, trying to find out why the lights went off.

"The technician was fixing something down, everything's okay now." A nurse said after running like he just went down to check. The others nodded and went back to their work. I was about to go back to my room when a girl stood before me, looking at me. Wearing the same hospital gown like mine.

I ignored her and walked away.

"I know you could see me." She said. I stopped. I was about to turn back but then I recalled Isaac's voice, telling me to stay aware about those souls. I sensed that she was one. I continued to walk but she said another word again. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."


"Good morning, honey." Mom said and kissed my forehead. Same old again, the nurse checked my vitals from time to time. The digital wall clock said it's 7:32 AM. Too early for today.

Isaac knocked. Mom smiled the second she saw him. He opened the door and entered the room.

"Well good morning, Isaac. You're early."

"Good morning as well, Mrs. Evans." He smiled like an angel. I was surprised, I thought he'd be back tomorrow. I didn't expect him to be back so soon.

"Have you eaten your breakfast?" Mom asked. He nodded as an answer. "Well I haven't yet, so can I leave you with her for a while?"

"I can see no problem with that." He answered. I know he's nice inside, he just doesn't want to fully show it to me. I don't know why too, maybe because of his ego.

"Great! I'm just going to drive back to our house real quick and get some breakfast. I need to get some things too. Thank you. It's really a big help." She said as she pack some stuff on her purse. Isaac just nodded. "I guess I'll see you later then."

"Sure, drive safely." He said and mom left with a smile. He shook his head smiling. What now?

"That was too easy. Guess who's going to be part of your family when you wake up." He grinned. Here he goes again. As usual, I shot him a bored look.

"What happened to LA? Why are you back so soon?" I asked, cutting to the chase. Can't waste more time anymore.

"Apparently, I was a pretty good researcher." He says preaching himself.

"Can we skip that part?"

"Okay, geez." He paused. "So Kessler, her real name is Carol Kessler. She lives with her parents but on weekends, she stays at Downtown Mental Health Center." I listened carefully. Not knowing what to feel about it. I'm kind of scared to hear this but I stayed strong like it was nothing to be worried about.

I went to their address first and there was no one home. The neighbors told me the family was out and Carol was left at DMHC, so I went there as fast as I could. We met at the visitor's lounge. At first she looked wonky but when I talked to her, she seemed alright.

"Who are you?" She asked me.

"Isaac Sykes, I flew from Seattle just to see you."

(I could almost imagine this scene that Isaac is giving her his killer smile. I rolled my eyes while he continue his story.)

I took the book out and flipped it on the page where her name was written. "This is you, right?"

She paused for a second before answering as she reads at the page. "No. That's not me."

"Blinding," I grinned. "I know that's you."

"What do you want from me?"

"Simple, just tell me what happened to you and your soul while you were in a coma." I said. It didn't really take long to make her spit out what I wanted to hear. Though, she was quite barmy in a way.

"It was two years ago, we were on a road trip driving beside the lake. The breaks suddenly stopped working. The car swam until it hit the bottom of the river. I miraculously survived.. My friends weren't so lucky. Next thing I know I was in a hospital. Yes, my soul travelled while I was out. I saw my friends' souls but they weren't the one I remembered." She stopped, and massaged the temple of her head with her eyes tight shut while she recalls everything.

"Are you okay?" I asked. Instead of getting an answer, she laughed and shook her head.

"Anyway, they tried to conquer my body since I was the only one to survive. Avoiding them wasn't the answer, it's useless. The more I try to avoid, they become stronger. I think they feed in my fears. Now, I don't know if they succeeded conquering me because I still hear their voices.. until now."

"What are they saying now?"

"That I should kill you with the knife behind you." She made an evil smirk while she look at the back of me. I raised an eyebrow and looked back, there was no knife. When I turned my head back, she was pointing a knife on my neck, laughing.

The nurses quickly pulled her off me and cuffed her hands. She was still laughing crazy while her eyes stared back at mine deviously.

"Sorry, visitor's hours is over." A nurse said as they get her away from me back to her room. She really is mad.

"That's it? I thought you were a 'pretty good researcher'?"

"I wasn't finished." He answered. Okay, fair point. I thought he was. I made a hand gesture telling him to continue his story.

I asked them if there is another way to talk to her because she still haven't said the answer I wanted. They told me to wait for two more hours, since it was time for her art therapy. So I did. After what felt like days waiting, they finally let her talk to me again. This time, her hands was still cuffed.

"What do you still want?" She shot me a look with her eyes that didn't seem like hers.

"How did your soul return back to your body?" I asked and she laughed again.

"I accepted their help, they told me they just wanted to say goodbye to their parents and other loved ones before they go. I got caught up. They were my friends so I trusted them. But they weren't the friends I recall, the evil conquered them."

That wasn't the answer I wanted to hear.

"I am convinced that she is crazy as fuck, and she was telling me all that bullshit to believe. They were potty."


"A little crazy, it means."

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