Soul Search


1. 1

The bright light coming from the ceiling woke me up. My eyes are squinting. The room I am in is white, the smell seems familiar. I breathed through the thin air that surrounds the room but it felt like I never needed to breathe. I managed to open my eyes as wide as I could..

I'm in a hospital room.

I saw tubes injected in my skin, though I couldn't feel it. What happened? Why am I in here? Where's mom? Dad? Or Ethan?

I tried to sit up from my bed, but it felt like my soul was being separated from my body. I didn't mind it. I left the bed and managed to stand up, the tubes that was in my hand didn't move. I was about to open the door when a nurse knocked and went in.

But he didn't seem to notice me. He went straight to my bed and I watched him..

I saw my body, still lying on the bed. The nurse checking on my vitals. I stared at it, I couldn't believe it. My soul really did separate from my temple. I touched the door, my hand went through it like it was made of air.

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