Beside you

My name is Realyn but, everyone i know call me Rea, i am 18 years old an, i Live in London with my family, there is my mom and dad, and me, i'm an only child, but have a lot of friends, but off course i have tree best friends, two of them live here in London, there name is, Ariana, and Emma, we have been best friends, since kindergarten , and then there is Michael, we have only meet once when i was on vacation in Australia, but ever since we have texted every day, and talked on facetime all the time, he is like the brother i never got.


1. First Chapter

                                                                                   Today's Outfit  


                                                                                Rea's point of view

It's Sunday, and it's raining, the sky is grey, just another day in London, don't get me wrong i love London but i wish there where more sun sometimes, and that it didn't rain like all the time. i have been in bed all day in one of my favorite chilled outfits, i love fashion, it's kind of what i do, but today i was jus gonna where a Sunday outfit. i've had a really depressing day today, i was missing my best friend, we haven't talked in tree days now, because he was on tour with his band 5 seconds of summer, i have never seen them perform before or even meet his friends yet but this summer, Michael has invited me to live with them on their tourbus, and be like there stylist, just for fun, and i'm really looking forward to meeting his friends and off course see him again, we have only meet one time when i was on vacation in Australia, since that we have been best friends, even though most of the time we just text and facetime.



Hey Movella readers hope you liked the first chapter, i know it's not that long, but i didn't have much time to write it hope for some good response! :-)


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