Ghost Freaks

In Tony Belgrave's final year of university, two film students come to him for help with a satirical sketch about TV ghost-hunters. He's not very creative and can't act to save his life, but he does have an unhealthy obsession with ghosts and demons twenty years in the making,

Mocking crackpot conspiracy theorists, boobs-for-brains actresses and money-hungry producers is where it begins. But in a matter of years, Tony’s, Natalie's, and Jules’ caricatures consume them and a simple joke becomes a wildly popular YouTube series with ghost lovers clinging to its every lie.

The series eventually brings them to Lansfield Hall, a ruined mansion with a nasty habit of killing all those who step past its threshold. The rest of the crew brush away Tony’s concerns; after all, they know ghosts aren’t real. They’re there to act.

Only Tony knows they probably won’t need to.


Author's note

Howdy, reader, and welcome to my least offensive novel! This is the one you should read if you're sensitive to horror tropes. Then again, of course, there's still content I need to flag up for you:
- Very, very mild transphobia and homophobia towards the protagonists (challenged by other characters)
- Cheating
- A side character with psychotic tendencies
- MIld sexual references
- Mild infrequent blood and gore
- Mild drug references
- Quite a bit of swearing
As always, my aim as an author is never to stress my readers out. If there's anything you feel I've missed off the list after reading, please let me know with a comment or PM. That being said, please enjoy the book!
Jem :)
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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