Dont leave [Phan]

Dan Howell gets dragged to a party by his friend and gets more than he barrens for. The problem isn't what happened its who made it happen.

Not good with descriptions sorry


1. chapter 1

"No, no, no" Dan said as he stared at the two pink lines.


'This cant be when did I even do it'


"Fuck" Dan shouted as he remembered that night a week ago.


Him and Phil in bed. Every thing before that was a blur.


What would happen, would Phil stop bulling him once he finds out or will he not give a shit.


Dan just sat there on the ground continuously staring at it. 'maybe it wouldn't be that bad I have always wanted kids'.


"Dan are you ok in there" his mum asked


"yea" he replied




Time skip


Dan called his family into the living room.


"I have something to tell you guys and I need you to promise me you wont freak out "


"Depends on what it is" his father replied


He took a deep breath as he set the test on the table and waited for a reply.


"Is this yours" his father asked


"Cas, of course it isn't, males cant get pregnant" his mum said


"Actually its mine. I've researched online and turns out there are males that are called carriers" Dan said


"Oh, well that's alright we'll love you the same right Cas" his mum asked


"Of course now there will be more to love and we can just turn the study room into a nursery" His father replied


"Thank you this means so much to me, I don't know how I could ever repay you guys" Dan said


"You already have by bringing this miracle to life" his mum replied                                        


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