I Travel the World for Him

Set in the future, a girl from a small town sets out to find her true love at 22 years old. The world government now requires everyone to go find the love of their life after college. They know the love of their life because at birth, every person is issued a necklace, and when the necklace buzzes, you are right next to your love. This girl must travel the world to find her live.


1. Today

  Today is different then 100 years ago. There has been too much war and hurt. The governments are trying to fix it. At birth, we each get a necklace. It's shaped like a heart and we wear it all the time. When we are near the love of our life it will buzz. Most of my friends already know who the love of their life is. Today is my 22nd birthday, I have never felt the buzz.

  Today I will get on a plane and go somewhere, anywhere. 

  However, first I will go into the city, New York City. All my life I've lived in upstate New York and never been to the city.

  Goodbye to the small town of New York. Goodbye everything I've ever known.

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