I Travel the World for Him

Set in the future, a girl from a small town sets out to find her true love at 22 years old. The world government now requires everyone to go find the love of their life after college. They know the love of their life because at birth, every person is issued a necklace, and when the necklace buzzes, you are right next to your love. This girl must travel the world to find her live.


2. The City

  Finally. What I've been waiting for my whole life is here. I've escaped the small town and I will never look back. 

  I love it here in New York City. The lights, the people, the sounds, everything about it. But right now I am here for one reason and one reason only, to find love. 

  Ever since the world population took a huge hit about 23 years ago, they force us to find love. It is a law everywhere on this planet that once we turn 22, we must go on a journey to find our soulmate if we haven't already.

  After about two hours of aimlessly walking about the city, my thought become too distracting and I take a wrong turn. I try to turn around but it's too late.

 "Well hello. I've never seen you before. You must be new here. I'm Jack." A low rough voice says from behind a shadow.

 "Hi Jack. I'm just going to get going now. I turned one street too early. Well goodbye." I turned around and start jogging away.

 I became totally lost now. I decided I've only met one person in this whole city. I'm going to ask him for help.

 "Hi Jack."

  "Back so soon are ya?"

  "I'm May. Can you help me?"

  "Sure May. What do you need help with?"

  "Do you know how to navigate this city?"

  "Of course I do! I've only lived here all 22 years of my life."

  He steps out of the shadow and I finally see him for the first time. I will never forget how he looks.



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