The chosen one

I thought my life was just my evil adopted mom and sisters making it miserable. But when my adopted mom Emily kicked me out the house one night and after getting kidnapped I found out my life did have a propose.

I fell in love this boy named Harry Styles and met new friends also made some enemies on the way. oh no.

Follow Rose on an adventure to find out about her past.........


1. My life is hell

M​y life is the worst thing that could happen to a 17 year old girl. Having a adopted family and not having the real one there with you and having to live in the attic not to mention that I get abused by my family. "Rose get you ass down here NOW!!!!!" Said the witch that I called mother also called Emily but she hated when I called her first name. I ran down stairs to see what she wanted. When I got down stairs I saw Zoe smiling wickedly, that's when I know I was I trouble. " Rose, do you remember when I asked you to get a bottle of vodka for your mummy and her guest. I did so nicely too." She asked with a fake smile. That was the funniest thing that she had said since she adopted me. 'Nicely' HA. She never said anything nicely to me the only time she had to fake being nice was when she was in public. I know who her guest would be it would be Bob they had a meet up, drink then have sex relationship. Bob was no looker he had  ginger hair with brown ugly eyes and a ginger mustache that must have came out of the 80's. Emily was no looker ether she had grey hair and dull blue eyes. They where perfect for each other." Child speak you have a bloody mouth don't you? You know what get out of my house and don't come back until tomorrow. You brat!!!!!!!" She yelled that was the last thing I heard before she closed the door in my face  

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