The chosen one

I thought my life was just my evil adopted mom and sisters making it miserable. But when my adopted mom Emily kicked me out the house one night and after getting kidnapped I found out my life did have a propose.

I fell in love this boy named Harry Styles and met new friends also made some enemies on the way. oh no.

Follow Rose on an adventure to find out about her past.........


3. kidnapped: Part two

I​ woke up in a red bedroom, I know it was defiantly not mine because I live in the attic that looked out to the streets of London. This room looked out to an amazing beach with stunning sea. I looked to the white table next to me, there was a note with my name in beautiful writing and a glass of purple liquid. Probably grape juice. Then I remembered what happed yesterday the guy in the ally way and the dead girl. I might be next. I read the note and it said:

           Dear Rose,

                   You might be wondering where you are. You don't need to be panicked or scared, you are in safe hand and we are not going to hurt you. We can help you, we can take you to your real family. Just drink the purple liquid please and after come down stairs.                                 Love H xxxxx  


I drank the purple drink and had a little headache but it was not that bad. After the headache finished I opened the door that lead into a hallway. At the end of the hallway there was a stair case that lead to the bottom floor. When I got down stairs I heard a voices coming from a room. I went to the door where I could hear voices. They where saying 'What are we going to do with her' or 'Should we turn her'. I know one thing her was me."Rose its rude to eardrop." Said a voice. I opened the door slowly and saw not one guy but five............. 



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