Thirteen Days With You (Thirteen Reasons Why)

"It was as if things had lost that brightness that made the world look alive; it was as if things were turning grey by the minute, as if everything around me was dying but it wasn’t them, it was me."

She was depressed, heart broken and anxious.
Things around her were losing color, like everything was dying, but nothing was. The only dying thing was her. But one day he walked into the room and he was so bright, so alive.
She was hurt but the hopelessness of a crush, but saved by youthful love. For her heart he was what she needed to survive but it took her thirteen days and thirteen reasons why to realize it.


3. Chapter Two

Day 2, Reason 2: Smile




I wanted to see Josh again. Yesterday he was the only bright thing in the room, the only thing full with color, and I just wanted to see if he had stayed that way. I wanted to know that he was not temporary like everything else in my life.

The rest of the staff loved him, he was such a gentleman. He was kind with women and men, and lovely with children. He was not of those extremely happy people, smiling at everybody all the time. I fact, I hadn’t seen him smile, not once. If he had, I hadn’t seen it.

They were talking about him and as much as I wanted to see him I didn’t want people to notice the need in my face. It wasn’t a need anyway, just curiosity. Was he really that alive? I stood up and headed to the bathroom and maybe later to the room where the kids spent most of his time.

I entered the bathroom that had big bush by the door. I sat on one of the couches inside and pulled my knees to my chest. Earlier in the morning I had seen another photo I did not wanted to see by I couldn’t avoid it, it was there on my Instagram feed as I scrolled down.

I pulled out my phone and headphones and decided I needed to play some music and relax. My songs were always in shuffle, I was always actualizing my songs, I only had one hundred and nine songs but they were all songs I truly liked, each one of them had something special.

I didn’t know how much time had gone or many songs I had heard when my phone buzzed with a text message.

Where r u?

It was my sister. I looked at my clock. Around forty five minutes had come and gone, it was ten minutes before all the kids began getting there. I sighed and unplugged my headphones. I stood up, went to the sinks and threw some water to my face. It was going to be a long day.

I got to the room, the staff of my group was already there but as always they were ignoring me, they didn’t care about me even if I could help lots. I sighed again and sat down on the floor and pulled out a book from my bag. I got really into the novel in one minute when I heard an exclamation.

“Thanks God.”

I saw a male walking towards the room, he was far and I didn’t have my glasses on. I put them on but looked down at my book. I wanted to see him from up close; I wanted to confirm when he was close enough to touch me. I heard the door open, I didn’t look up.  Heard him talk, I didn’t look up. I sensed somebody standing in front me. I closed the book, I looked up.


“Hey,” I said.

“Should we start?” He asked offering me a hand.

I was fighting a smile. He was still shining, he was still bright, and he was still alive. I grabbed his hand. “Yeah.” He pulled me up.

We started organizing the chairs and tables. I couldn’t stop watching him, I was like a stalker. When he placed the last chair down I talked. I had realized the afternoon before that I hadn’t introduced myself properly.

“I’m Sam.”

He looked up startled. There was something going on in his lips. “I’m Josh.”

“I know,” I whispered. He smiled.

His smiles were a gift maybe that was why he didn’t smile often. They were full of life, like him. They were warm and beautiful; they reflected pure happiness; that kind of smiles should not be given at random. And when he smiled something broke inside me but I didn’t know what it was.

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