Ny movella


3. The Escape

Dat Boi is running in the weed field. He can hear Keemstar come closer. He falls in a hole. He can hear a new sound crying sounds... Then he sees a crying green creature. Then he realizes it's Pepe. Pepe is crying and smoking joints. He has at least 360 joints. Dat Boi is about to scream. Then Pepe sees Dat Boi and says hello. Then Dat Boi answers with "o shit waddup :)" then they both hear Keemstar again. He is very close "Why is he not streaming to he's little CancerAlert right now???" Pepe doesn't answer... Pepe tells Dat Boi to follow him. So he follows him. They take the "back door" out of the cave and escapes Keemstar. Then they hear Leafy making a new rant about Keemstar.

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