Ny movella


1. Dat Boi And FaZe Rug

Once some random dude came to the world. He's name was Dat Boi. Dat Boi was really good at riding a bicycle with one wheel, and Dat Boi was a green frog. Then the green frog called Dat Boi got older. Now he is 9 years old. He got no mom, only a MLG dad called FaZe Rug. He's dad said to Dat Boi "You need to smoke more weed and get better at noscopeing scrubs or I will kick you out fag!" 2 Years go by, he sure is smoking more weed. A LOT more weed. But he is still not great at noscopeing scrubs ;(. One day He's dad comes home crying and says to Dat Boi "My boss called me cancer and fired me". In anger FaZe Rug starts to spank Dat Boi hard in the ass. Dat Boi gets really sad and runs out the front door.

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