{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


35. 34

**Three months later**

My phone hits the ground and I hear it shatter against the wood floor. I stand there staring at the wall,my hand frozen in place as if my phone never really fell. The door opens and closes. Sydney stands where I can see her. "What's wrong? Emily! What's wrong?" She asks. I don't answer. I can't answer. I'm frozen in place. I'm glued to this spot. I just stare straight ahead. "Emily! What's wrong?!" She calls someone. "Ashton! You better bring your ass over here and help me get Emily to talk and move!" She says. A few minutes,the door opens and Ashton comes into view. "Emily? Emily? Babe? What's wrong?" He's a liar. He's a traitor. He's a fucking low life. "How fucking dare you?" I whisper to him. "What did I do?" "You're a fucking liar. You know what you did." "No,I don't." "Sydney,can I see your phone?" I whisper. She hands me her phone and I open the search and type in a website. There it is. Home Page. Right there. Ashton Irwin seen with girl,who isn't Emily Woods. Right there with a picture. "You aren't Ashton Irwin,then?" I whisper showing him the phone. "Why would I ever do that to you? She's just a friend." He whispers back. "You're a fucking liar,Ashton. You expect me to believe that you didn't do this. That you held your 'friend's' hand." "You held Luke's hand!" "Luke was taking me to you." "She's just a friend." "Okay. You're just my friend." I whisper and hand Sydney her phone.

I sit on the couch. Alone. Humming a song. Over and over as if it's on repeat. I stare at the black tv screen. Alone. The string of lights around the window flickers once. I stand up and narrow my eyes. "Weird," I shrug and turn off the lights. I go into my bedroom and upload my video. I get into bed and fast forward into the day.

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