{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


34. 33

**A week later**

"You guys have always wanted to know how my mom and sister died,so I'm gonna tell you today. Okay," I take a sip of my glass of water. "So,my mom was awesome and my sister was awesome too. My sister taught me piano growing up,since she had piano lessons. Sarah,my sister,was two years older than me,so at this time she was 13,since I was 11," I fiddle with my thumbs. "I always practiced piano after school as I waited for Sarah to come home since her school was longer than mine. So,one day I was practicing this really hard piece and Sarah came home. I kept messing up and then restarted the song," I take another sip of water. "She walked up to me and I still have no idea where my mom was at the time,she was probably outside or something and my dad was at his work. So,Sarah started yelling at me for messing up the easiest piece ever,but to me it was really hard. She yelled at me for 5,maybe,minutes and then told me to practice was she was at the movies with her boyfriend," I sigh. "My dad came home and my mom reappeared. My mom drove Sarah to the movies and Sarah never said anything to me before she left. Mom came back and I practiced. Soon,my mother left to pick up Sarah and it seemed a little longer than what it would take to drive from the movies back to the house. A few minutes later,my dad's phone was ringing and it was from Sarah's phone. My father's eyes widened and he told me to get my shoes. We got in the car and I had no idea what was happening until we saw the car," My eyes start to tear up. "I still remember it," Flashbacks begin behind my eyes. "The front of the car where my mom and sister were sitting was smashed and the back car door was opened and Sarah's bag was on the ground to the side,a lady handed my dad Sarah's phone," Tears rolls down my cheek. "An ambulance arrived and police did too. And,um,they were taken away and I never saw them again. They were burned and we threw the ashes into a lake. The last words my sister said to me were hurtful and no one could ever change that," I sigh and wipe away some tears. "After that,I never tried that piece again." I end the video and edit it,leaving it to be uploaded later.

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