{A.I.} Inseparable

(Sequel to {A.I.} Sneaking Around)
Emily Woods,Michael Clifford's step sister and Ashton Irwin's Girlfriend,is going on tour. The Take Me Home Tour with 5SOS and 1D. Will all this stress break Emily and Ashton apart? Working during the day to save the car Michael bought for her,she meets some interesting people and interesting things. Even though Allison passed away the summer before,the group is still inseparable,maybe.


28. 27

**Three months later**

"I bet you he's here and I'll faint of something." Sydney says as we walk up the driveway of my dad and step-mum's home. And Michael's. I roll my eyes. "Maybe,you should get to know him personally. If anything goes wrong,just find me or any of our friends." She nods at my response and I open the door. A blast of warmth hits us and we head inside. I close the door behind us. We hang up our coats and rub our shoes on the mat. "Hey,it's Ashton and..." She grabs my hand and takes me into the great room before I could see anything. "What's wrong?" I ask. "I changed my mind. Let's wait for them to come in here." Sydney laughs awkwardly. I narrow my eyes at her. "Okay," I say slowly. I smooth out my red dress and we sit at the bay window. "I'm hungry. Be right back." I tell her. She nods,hesitantly. I stand up and walk to the entrance and see Ashton talking to Lynn,who's my cousin,in the kitchen. I decide to ignore them for the rest of the party. "Hey." Luke smiles and stops me as I enter the party room. "Hi." I reply. "You seem sad. What's up?" He asks. "Come see," I take him to the entrance and point to Ashton and Lynn laughing together. "He's having a great time with his girlfriend's cousin. I bet he doesn't even know I'm here." Luke turns to me. "Better greet him." He tells me and I smile. I smooth my dress out and he takes my hand. We go into the kitchen and Luke waves at Ash and Lynn with the hand that isn't intertwined with mine. Ashton looks down at our hands and his smile fades. Lynn shakes her head and goes to the basement. "Oh,this? I was just leading her here. Showing her where you were,right?" Luke asks. I nod. Our hands let go. Ashton closes his eyes. "Emily,can we talk in the study for a second?" He asks. "Sure." I reply and he opens his eyes again. I follow him to the study and he closes the door behind us. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" He asks. "Of course,you're mad at me," I throw my hands in the air. "You're always mad at me for things that I didn't start." He sighs. "You were holding hands with him." "He took my hand!" "Again,you were holding hands with him!" "You were talking to my cousin!" "That has nothing to do with this!" "Oh so you're the perfect boyfriend who can be mad at his girlfriend for holding hands with his friend?" He stops. "Look,Em,-" "Don't fucking call me that." "Why not?" "I'm not in the mood,Ashton." "Okay. Fine. I'm sorry for over reacting." I roll my eyes. "Now that you realized I was right,you're sorry. Wow." "You're not right. I'm far from a perfect boyfriend!" "You're perfect to me." "We haven't been on a date in weeks. Months even." "So?" "So,isn't that saying something about us?" "Are you saying that we don't belong together?" "All we do is argue." "That's not true. We love each other. I argue with Michael,but I'm still his step sister." "It's not like that." I look down at the floor,tears stinging my eyes. "So,you're breaking up with me?" I ask. I feel his hand taking mine. "It's for the best." I take my hand away and wipe the tears from my eyes,taking a deep breath. I look up at him. "Right," I say nodding. "Plus,it'll be better to see other people for a change." His face becomes puzzled. I walk past him and leave the room,listening to the echo of my heels hitting the wood floor. He stands still and I go join the people at the party.

"Hey." Luke says. "Hi." "What was that chat about?" He asks,taking a sip of his pop. "He was breaking up with me,but I'm fine. It'll be great to be with other people. If anyone at all." I sigh. "You know,I know I guy who likes you." I look at him. "Really?" "Yeah." "Who is he?" "A secret." "Oh,can I have a hint?" I ask. "You know him. Probably talk to him about every other day maybe." I nod. "Good luck in finding him." He smiles and walks away,taking a sip of his pop. I nod,slowly. "Every other day." I mumble. "What does that mean?" Jack scares me. "Oh my god!" I jump. Jack laughs. "I didn't mean to scare ya. So,what were you and my little brother talkin' about?" He asks. "He says he knows someone who likes me." "Yeah,your boyfriend." "Don't have one." I say. He tilts his head. "You and Ash broke up?" I nod. "After he saw Luke holding my hand. What a brother you got there." We laugh. "He's a troublemaker,that's for sure." "Yeah,he is." I smile. "I think I have an idea for who likes you." "Can you tell me?" "I'm not too sure on it,I'll look about. I'll let you know anything." He walks away and I nod. "Weird."

"Do you know who he's talking about?" I ask Calum. "Yeah,actually, I do." "Can you tell me?" "Nope. You'll have to guess." "Of course I do."

a/n: heyyy. there you go. -Emily <3

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