The Seer

When a new guy moves across from Rayne Warford, her life crumbles around her. When her aunt comes back to reveal a family secret to her, a couple days before her sixteenth birthday, she realizes that the world as she knew it, is no longer so simple. Her aunt teaches who and what she is, but most importantly, how to survive.
Stuck trying to comprehend everything she has learned, she starts to form a friendship with the guy across the street. But as fate will have it, he too is hiding deadly secrets.
Will Rayne be able to come to terms and except her fate? Or will she fade away from this world and die?


9. 9

"Rayne!" I familiar voice squealed my name. I looked behind me and seen Ellie bounding towards me with a gift bag in hand. On the front of it was a huge smiley face.

Once Ellie reached me I couldn't help but join the smiley face, my cheeks felt like they would fall off if I kept smiling like a lunatic. Of course I didn't mind at all, I had my friend back. "Ellie!"

She hugged me tightly, the bag hitting my legs. I laughed and we pulled apart. "How was your vacation? I am so happy that you are back. I was such a loner without you." I admitted.

"That's because I'm your world baby." As always her vanity was incomparable. But that what made me love her so much. "Look, look, look! I have your gifts!" She announced.

I hesitantly took the bag from her. Her family was mega rich due to her dad being a famous miracle Doctor. But I didn't expect to be pampered like this at all. One gift was too much from her. Oh, Ellie." I sighed.

She knew what I was thinking but tsked at me. "You will except these. And you will love them. Now let's go to home took so I can see you open these okay?" She said.

I felt my mouth form a little frown but quickly smiled. I won't let this get in the way of having her back. "How about you come over after school? I will open it then." I said. To make sure I could put off on opening the gifts I added, "you will be able to see Clifford."

The thought of Clifford made me feel funny. And not a good funny. He hasn't messaged me at all yet, nor have I seen him. I thought I would be able to get to know him quickly and use him as a distraction but it didn't seem that way. On top of feeling bad for not talking to him for a while, I felt bad for knowing that I was using him.

Maybe it was a good thing that we didn't talk. He didn't deserve to be used at all. No one did. Before I could have my mood ruined by these thoughts I quickly focused back on Ellie. "Fine. But only because I was to meet this mysterious guy of yours."

I felt a blush heat up my entire face. "He isn't mine, exactly." I said and looked away from her before I got even more embarrassed.

She rolled her eyes and me and started walking to our home room. "Technically he is. You got to him first and you already told me that you like him." She said.


After a long day at school I finally was able to head home. Ellie told me that she would drive us there and I was completely okay with that. I would always choose that over taking the bus anytime. Throughout the day I noticed that Clifford wasn't at school which proved my theory of him being older than me.

When we pulled into my driveway I noticed that Aunt Liv wasn't at home. "I can't wait to see your face when you open what I got you!" Ellie said. "It's also your birthday gift too. Just a heads up."

That made me feel a little bit better. "Thanks."

"But that does not mean that we won't go out. I want to celebrate your birthday and have fun. Maybe get a little drunk." She continued on talking about what she had planned for my birthday, but I could barely concentrate on what she was saying. Clifford was coming out of his door and noticed me.

He waved and started to head over to us. A black shirt stretched across his torso and shoulders, with dark jeans clinging to his boy. He looked like a bad boy, a very hot bad boy. Heat spread across my cheeks as I realized what I was thinking. "Is that your Clifford?" Ellie whispered in my ear.

I could only nod. Clifford reached us and he smile and me and Ellie. "Hey Rayne. Who is this?" He asked and looked at Ellie.

"She is Ellie, my best friend. Ellie, this is Clifford." I introduced them. I focused on Clifford and noticed that he had a black eye and his lip was healing from a cut. It seemed as if he got into a fight.

He extended his hand to Ellie and she reached for it. "Nice to meet you Ellie." His voice went through my body and I could only think about how attractive it was. "Do you mind if I intrude? We could finally go swimming." He asked.

I looked over at Ellie, her approval was what I needed. And if she didn't want to hang out with him I was completely okay with that. She did just get back from vacation after all. "You can join us, but let's not swim. I have contacts in and I enjoy seeing." She said and walked into the house.

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