The Seer

When a new guy moves across from Rayne Warford, her life crumbles around her. When her aunt comes back to reveal a family secret to her, a couple days before her sixteenth birthday, she realizes that the world as she knew it, is no longer so simple. Her aunt teaches who and what she is, but most importantly, how to survive.
Stuck trying to comprehend everything she has learned, she starts to form a friendship with the guy across the street. But as fate will have it, he too is hiding deadly secrets.
Will Rayne be able to come to terms and except her fate? Or will she fade away from this world and die?


12. 12

It was an awkward silent. Aunt Liv and Clifford sat across from each other, glaring. If death could be caused by glared then I wouldn't know who would be more decomposed.

"So. Tell us how you two met." Ellie interfered. Clifford snickered and looked away from aunt Liv.

"I used to work with Olivia. We went on missions together when I was still training at the Supernatural Intelligence Force academy. That is until I decided to join Ur and his crew. They are gifted like us and are fighting against the most evil in our world. The ones who are trying to make the humans bow down to us and cause an all out war, and who is trying to get to the new seer." Clifford explained.

I could only stare at him. Did he know that I was supposed to be the seer? The one who the evil wants? I paled and hoped he didn't. I didn't want anyone trying to use me for any cause. I didn't want to be part of this world.

Realizing that Ellie knew nothing about this I glanced at her. I could practically see the wheels in her head moving and she tries to process what he said and meant. "Ellie." I said and she looked at me. "There are supernaturals out there. I didn't know this either until yesterday, but there are. People have special gifts and they magically get a tattoo on their necks to prove it. Aunt Liv, she has a panther as you know. She is fast and strong and stealthy I assume. Right aunt Liv?" I asked.

Aunt Liv nodded. "What?!" Clifford yelled. "She didn't know about us? She isn't one of us?! How could you be so reckless and let her know?!"

Standing up he pointed at Ellie. "You do not tell a word about this to anyone! You understand?" He seethed.

Shakily she nodded and looked at me. "Clifford sit down. She won't tell, she is my best friend." I told him.

He did but still looked worried and angry. "What is your tattoo?" I asked him. "How old are you?"

"I'm nineteen. And my tattoo is a warrior. That basically sums up my ability, but I'm better than just any warrior. My senses are heightened, I am stronger than most, all of that stuff. Nothing as cool as your aunts." He said. "What about you?"

I didn't know how to answer. What should I tell him? That in a few days I would become a seer fully? Be the person that everyone wants to get their hands on for reasons I dot fully know? Yeah right. "I don't know. I will get my tattoo in a few days." It was the only thing I could offer.

He nodded and I could see aunt Liv visibly relax. "Aunt Liv, what did Clifford do to make you hate him so much?" I asked.

"I don't hate him, I just don't trust him. He was a spy among the SIF and he betrayed me. In the heat of the battle he left me to die and joined the enemy, Ur. Ur is a leader of a group of people who claims to fight for the good but does it in a bad way. They blow up buildings they suspect to have the bad supernaturals in it, harming lives. They will back stab you to get what they want. Truthfully, I don't know how Elizabeth could join them." She spat out.

Elizabeth? As in my mom? Or was it another person? "What?" I whispered. "What do you mean?"

Aunt Liv seemed to realize her mistake and closed her eyes. "Dammit." A curse slipped under her breath.

"Are you saying my mom was a part of this? That she worked with this Ur guy?" How could that be? I could only remember her staying at home every day. I remember her always being there to soothe my nightmares and making me breakfast. So how could she have been part of any of this?

"I wasn't supposed to let you know. I promised her and your father. I warned her that she shouldn't be a part of that kind of thing, all the violence and unneeded blood shed. And I was right." Her voice was so cold. She turned to look at Clifford with hatred she said she didn't have. "Your kind killed their own people. Murdered them when their daughter was still in the house a room away!" She was yelled now. "You killed my sister and her husband! And for what?! Because they wouldn't tell you who they suspected to be the next seer?! Because you thought they were protecting her?!"

I never seen aunt Liv like this before. But as she spoke my heart hurt more and more. My temples pulsed and created pain. My parents were murdered by the people they worked with? By who Clifford works with?

A memory floated back to me. I was in bed with dad and mom after another nightmare. But this was different. I remember walking to my room when they were asleep and getting my teddy bear who I forgot to bring. And that's when I heard the glass shatter and screams.

I remember running back to their room and finding them being suspended in the air with an imaginary forced breaking their bones and making them bleed. I remember how I screamed and Fred to help them but I couldn't. I was forced to watch my parents die just like in my dreams.

Or how there was a man who was staring at them whispering something while people ruined my house. Digging through dressers and breaking stuff. Or lighting it on fire once my parents fell to the floor. Dead and twisted. Or the man, staring at me.

I remembered. For the first time I remembered who killed my parents. My nightmares. And Clifford, he was a part of this group. Not then no, but now. He knew.

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