Written Between Notes

Rogue Cheney has always been the guy to hide away in the shadows, making sure to never attract the attention from the students around him at Fiore High School. He usually succeeds in this by locking himself away at the library in the lunch breaks, hence avoiding any contact with the bullies who tend to hunt him whenever they please.
However, Rogue experiences a fateful encounter while working at his older brother's record store - a fateful encounter with the name of Sting Eucliffe, who just happens to be the leader of Fiore High's leading band.
Rogue was certain that that he couldn't be taught anything by the energetic, happy guy that Sting is - however, Sting slowly teaches Rogue to love himself - to love life, just before everything is torn apart by the merciless creation that is fate.
Because the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return...


1. Prologue

If I had not met you

I would not have experienced that pain and sadness, and memories filled with tears

If I had not met you

I would also not have experienced that joy, excitement and memories filled with tears


If I had not met you

I would also not have experienced that joy




The feeling of absolute happiness


I keep wondering how you are

Even now - I still love the bright Sun chasing away my shadows

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