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12. Movella: Pretty Gang, Zander and Alex Catt

A group of mismatched teens, thrown together by circumstance, must quickly form unstable alliances in order to survive as they are thrown into a world they hardly understand. Attempting to work together, the teens; brought up on an instinct to defend and fight to survive in a world that doesn’t accept their differences, must use what makes them stand out to help one another fit in and not be discover as they make shocking discoveries and uncover dark and twisted secrets that will shake the very foundations of their lives to their core.

Pretty Gang by Zander, and Alex Catt is a beginning story which I’m excited about. It’s rated R so some of you may not be able to read it just yet but besides some mild language, the first two published chapters are clean of any explicit content so far.

The blurb is the thing that caught me first because it’s an inspiring one, a group of individuals who are different and are shunned due to it with a mixture of vigilante undercurrents. I wanted to know more, and although the two chapters are amazing as of yet I can only wait for more to be immersed into the story.

The beginning nature of the story is the only downfall I can think of. There is simply not enough of it.

‘Standing out from the crowd, didn’t just mean problems from those that conform to the city’s rules… but also meant trying to survive infighting between the misfit menagerie of rejects living under the radar.’

From the two chapters we are introduced to Carrie, an aspiring artist but more of a tattooist at heart, Nathan, the one being tattooed and with a mysterious

injury whose creation is as of yet unknown, and Kayden, Nathan’s boyfriend and the one who’s just stolen the research of a cure to physical imperfections.

Yes there is a gay couple in this story.

One thing I loved about the very first chapter was how a piece of art was destroyed by sheer clumsiness. It’s something that I’ve done before and is such a silly move that you can’t help but laugh and say the exact words that Carrie says. It’s relatable and humorous, setting off a baseline for the introduction of the story. But as the story progresses we can only speculate how serious it will become because of Kayden’s actions.

‘Stripes of deep crimson and royal red began to scrape across the skyline but before they met their target they were pulled into the blue wash by a flood of spilling water and the whole canvas became an image of deep purple.’

I just want to know more!

‘”At least you’re safe, that’s what counts.’”


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