Letters of an Outcast

She was outcast. She had many things to say and so little time left.


4. 4

If I had a dollar for every time someone had crashed into me and didn’t notice I would be a millionaire. I am so invisible, a lost girl in the shadows between the spotlights of high school. But you know what’s the fucking worst is? When your ex-best friend, the guy who swore to protect and treat you like a princess and who faked married you when you were five is the one who bumps into you, makes all of your books fall and then he fucking keeps walking like nothing happen. That makes me damn billionaire.

I don’t know what happened to you, because your kind heart is still there but you are a little conceited, and you ignore me, and that turns you into a jerk. And, honestly, go fuck yourself.

I helped you when you needed it, but now, when I need you the most you are not here but a drunken teens high school party.

You don’t deserve my friendship.

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