Letters To You

A girl who sends letters to a boy to tell him she love him.


16. Letter Sixteen

"Quite soon I forgive you, because I love you. I'm not in love with you, but...


Okay, first of all, we have to state something real quick. There are different levels of love attraction for me. I'm gonna list them from the smallest one to the biggest one.

1.- Crush

2.- 'I like you.'

3.- 'I love you.'

4.- 'I am in love with you.'

I'm in level three, if you ask yourself. I'm not in love with you because I don't know you quite good, but I feel this extreme and weird attraction to you, and all the small things I know of you (except the ugly ones) so, that means I love you. Congratulations, you have got the love a nerdy tomboy.

Congratulations you accomplished what was supposed to be impossible. Make me open my heart.

Let's give the boy an award. My heart. Do whatever you want with it. Just don't break it."

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