Letters To You

A girl who sends letters to a boy to tell him she love him.


15. Letter Fifteen

"Fuck you and your great jerkiness and stupidity. Fuck you and your brain. Fuck you and your face. Fuck you and your body. Just fuck all of you.

Do know how heartbroken I was? Like really heart broken. The way you avoid me makes me feel horrible, and you SUCK for that. You could be a nice human being, really. How hard is that? Just be kind. And if you don't want me close, why can you just grow a pair of balls and tell me straight into the face that you don't like me and that I should keep my distance? Why just you don't do it. JUST DO IT.

If this thing I dream of has no future, why can you just come and wake me up to show me the nightmare I must be living in?!"

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