Nothing's Right [FINISHED!]

A princess named Caroline doesn't like the way her father is running things around the palace. Ever since her mother passed, it seems he doesn't know what to do, and he won't listen to his own daughter. Caroline tries to fix things, but how far will she really go?


2. Chapter Two

    There's only three days until the ceremony for the "chosen one". I remind Harrison as we are walking to town. "Yes, I'm not quite sure what we should do," he sighs and grabs my hand. I smile, "We could run away and get married," I say and laugh as I push him gently. All he did was smile at me. "Anyways, I have no clue either," I say a little frustrated. My father wouldn't approve of Harrison. I wish my mum was here, this wouldn't be happening, and maybe I could actually marry Harrison.

   Harrison drops my hand once we reach town, so no one notices. We head to the market; Harrison needs some things for dinner at his place. Harrison lives in town, in a nice little neighborhood in a medium sized cottage. I've been in it only a couple of times. Mostly when I was younger. Once he is done grabbing veggies and cow meat, we head to his house to drop it all off.  

   When we step into his house I see his mum in the living space watching the little one, Dean. He's four and he has the same color hair as Harrison, but blue eyes like his mum. Harrison's green eyes are from his dad. I smile as Dean slowly walks up too me, him being little and all. "Dean! How are you little one?" I say as I pick him up. He just laughs and struggle to say my name. Instead he ended up saying, "Caline," instead of Caroline. I laugh a bit and kiss his cheek. I set him down and walk over to his mum. "Hello Margaret," I say giving her a small hug. "Awe Caroline, 'feels like forever since I've seen you!" She says returning the hug. "How have you been? I heard about what your father is doing," she says shaking her head in disapproval.

   "Yes. He just hasn't been listening to me lately," I say turning toward the kitchen where Harrison was starting dinner. Margaret shakes her head again, but doesn't say anything. "Well I better get going," I say walking back towards the door. "Wait, why don't you stay for dinner Caroline?" Harrison's mum asks. "Mm I don't know...," I think. "Oh come on, I'm sure your father wouldn't mind." I smile at Margaret, "Sure, why not." He's probably to busy with the ceremony thing anyways.

   Once we are done eating I thank Margaret for the delicious supper and head to the door. Harrison stands up also, "I'll walk you home." I nod and say bye to Dean and his mum. I've always loves Margaret, as a mum. When my mom passed, she stepped up and helped me a lot. Gave me motherly advice and such. Once Harrison and I enter the woods he quickly took my hand and lead me to a tree. We started kissing, and I smiled. "You just couldn't resist," I say through the kiss. He stopped and started tickling me 'till I couldn't breathe. "Harrison!" I shouted through a burst of laughter. "Shhh," he said covering my mouth with his.

   He took my hand and we walked peacefully back to the palace. We stood in front of the palace looking at the starry sky. "Well I better get inside," I say looking back at Harrison. "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow," he leaned over and kissed me once more. "Harrison!" I whisper yelled. "My father could've seen that!" He grinned, "Probably not," he leaned in and kissed me again, this time I accepted. "Okay, okay. I have to go in now. Bye Harrison," I say walking up to the giant double doors. "Bye my princess," he smiled in a cheeky way and bowed. His emerald green eyes sparkled as he winked at me. I blew him a kiss and his caught it. I turned around and went into the palace.

   I smiled to myself as I closed the door. "Caroline!" I heard my father's voice, and jumped. "Where have you been?" Oh good, he didn't see Harrison and I. "Oh Margaret invited me to eat dinner with her two boys!" I say joyfully. "I see, well you didn't miss much, just planning for the ceremony," he said emphasizing the word, ceremony. I looked at him funny as he turned toward the staircase. "Well, I'm going to bed, I had a long day," I say stretching my arms a bit. "Alright, sleep well," he said turning towards his room. 

    I entered my room and left the door cracked open. Then I headed to the washroom to get ready for bed. When I stepped out, my father was sitting on my bed. I stopped in my tracks,"Father? Is everything okay?" I ask him, my nose scrunched up. "Yes, yes. I'm just really curious," he says chuckling a bit. "About what father?" I ask taking a few closer steps. "I am wondering why I saw you and the gardening boy outside the palace," he says, standing up now and turning toward me. "Oh, Harrison? He was walking me home," I say starting to get a little warm.

   "Yes that's what I thought, but then he kissed you, and that's what I'm really wondering about," he raised his voice a bit and crossed his arms. "Uh, mm," I really didn't know what to say. I started getting really warm. "Caroline, I have never been more disappointed in you. You are to never see that gardening boy again! And you're to stay in this palace until the ceremony!" He shouted at me. He was about to exit when I started to get really mad. "Harrison! His name is Harrison God Damnit! And you can't do that! I love him!" Then I froze realizing what I had said. My father looked shocked. Then I couldn't stop. "You have been ignoring anything I say ever since mum! I want to marry my true love not some stranger you think is best for me!" "Caroline! That is enough! Now you can stay in your room until I say! You do not love that boy! He's just a town boy! Now get some sleep and don't leave this room!" He slammed the door in my face filled with tears.

   I crashed onto my bed and cried my eyes out. I fell asleep when the sun came peeking into my window. 

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