Nothing's Right [FINISHED!]

A princess named Caroline doesn't like the way her father is running things around the palace. Ever since her mother passed, it seems he doesn't know what to do, and he won't listen to his own daughter. Caroline tries to fix things, but how far will she really go?


3. Chapter Three

   I woke up to someone saying my name. I moaned and said go away, thinking it was my father. I opened my eyes to see Harrison. "Good morning sleepy head, or more like afternoon I should say," Harrison said lying next to me. "Harrison! You shouldn't be here! If my father see's you he'll kill you!" I say sitting up quickly. "Relax, your father left to town to pick up something," he says leaning in for a kiss. I push him away. "You shouldn't be here anyways. My father saw us last night!" I say standing up to go to the washroom. "What? What happened?!" He asks jumping off my bed.

   "He banned me from seeing you and I'm to stay in my room until the ceremony," I say looking down as my lip starts to quiver. "Hey, it's okay. We'll figure this out. I promise." I nod. He gripped my chin and raised my face toward his. "Okay," I whisper letting one tear escape as he kissed me. Harrison pulled away and quickly walked over to my window. "Where are you going?" I walk over to him. "I have to figure something out," he put his leg out the window then the other. "Wait," I say grabbing his shoulder. I kissed him one last time. He smiled at me, "I promise." He slid down the ledge and hung off and fell in the bushes.

   I looked around for him, and saw him walking backwards as he blew me a kiss. I caught it quickly. He ran off through the woods just as a carriage carrying my father pulled up to the front gates. I quickly closed my window and shut my dark blue curtains. I flung myself into bed and covered up. A few moments later my father came in. Lunch is being prepared," he said with a stern tone. "I don't feel like eating at the moment." "I'll have a plate delivered to your door," he then shut my door without any further word. I hope Harrison figures something out, I only have two days until ceremony. I'm not sure what he's going to do, but hopefully it's good.

  About thirty minutes later I'm dressed and groomed. I hear a knock at my door and one of the cooks comes in with a plate of food. "For you princess," she says politely and sets it on the table near my bed. "Thank you miss," I say and bow my head. She nods and leaves the room shutting the door behind her. I walk over to the plate, and pick at the food. Taking a few bites. I'm not in the mood to eat, thinking about Harrison. I don't care what my father says, I do love Harrison, nothing he says can change that. I know what my heart wants, as my mother always said, follow your heart.

  I sat at my desk thinking of what Harrison might try to do, but nothing comes up. What could he possibly do that would stop my father from making me marry some stranger? I guess I'll find out.










































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