Nothing's Right [FINISHED!]

A princess named Caroline doesn't like the way her father is running things around the palace. Ever since her mother passed, it seems he doesn't know what to do, and he won't listen to his own daughter. Caroline tries to fix things, but how far will she really go?


4. Chapter Four

  The next day I woke up, but this time, Harrison wasn't there. I frown, where is he? He promised that he would have something planned, and the ceremony is tomorrow. I hear a knock at the door and one of the maids come in. "Oh Francis! Good Morning!" I say walking over to her. "Good Morning princess, you are feeling better now?" Feeling better? My father must have told them I just wasn't feeling well. "Ah yes, quite alright." She smiled, "Alright, well breakfast is ready, your father wants you downstairs, ready," she says leaving the room.

  I go to the washroom and clean myself up. I put on a nice yellow floor dress with lace sleeves. I put on white shoes to go with it. When I'm finished I head down the staircase to the dining room. I sit at the table across from my father, and joined by a couple of people. "Caroline, these are going to be your fitters and stylists for your special event tomorrow," he says as he smiles at the workers. I clench my jaw a bit at the "special event" part, but immediately put it away with a smile. "Okay, sounds good." My father nodded his head in approval and smiled at me.

   "Okay let us eat and then discuss what you will wear," my father nodded, looked down at his plate, and grabbed his fork. The rest of the crew nodded and also began to eat. When we were all finished we discussed what color my dress should be and what materials. When one girl said my dress should be a color that brings out my eyes, which are light brown, I said light blue. "It always makes me pop," I say. I am trying to contribute so my father doesn't think anything suspicious is going on.

  They all nod, including my father. I smile to myself. "Also, can it have a little lace with it, I really love dresses with lace," I question. "Yes, I think that would look magnificent with the light blue," the designer says. I just nod. "Alright, it seems you all have this under control," my father says, standing,"Caroline, follow the designer to get fitted," my father nodded his head towards the blonde lady, then left the room. "Alright! Exciting, let's get you fitted shall we?" "We shall," I say, smirking to myself. It won't matter anyways.

   "Caroline?!" I hear my father shout. "What? Sorry I was zoned out." My father sighed. "Well you should get some sleep. Big day tomorrow!" I frown, but not where my father can see. "Yes, yes it is," I say, trying to hide my disappointment. "Okay goodnight princess." "Goodnight father," I say. He then shut my door. Where is Harrison? He promised! "Ugh!" I punched my wall, only making a dent. "Caroline? Are you alright!" My father shouted from down the hall. "Yes, I'm alright! Just got caught on something!" I shouted. A few tears streamed down my face.

   Where are you Harrison?



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