snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


29. twenty nine

The next day, Luke woke up alone in his bed, which made him very confused. He was 100% sure that Diana was in the bed next to him when he fell asleep. What if she had left him? What if she was kidnapped? Or worse, what if she was down stairs talking to his family? What if they were scaring her away? Or even worse, what if they were telling her embarrassing stories of Luke? Because there were a lot. With that thought in his head Luke flew up from the bed, quickly put on some clothes and ran downstairs.

And he was right. Diana was sitting at the table with the rest of his family, laughing. Diana had woken up quite early and had gone downstairs to get a glass of water, but ended up staying downstairs talking to Liz and Andrew. After a while Jack, Celeste, and Ben also joined them, leaving Luke to be the only one who was still asleep.

"Good morning, darling!" Liz said happily as Luke came sliding into the dining room. "Would you like some waffles?"

Luke nodded slowly and sat down in between Diana and Jack. Diana smiled happily at him. "Good morning, sleepy head."

"Morning. How long have you been awake?" He asked.

"About an hour, I think."

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because I was only supposed to grab a glass of water and go upstairs again, but Liz and Andrew were awake, making breakfast, so I decided to stay and help them." Diana explained with a smile.

"And she was really good help." Andrew said. "She's a pro at making waffles."

"Then she's a keeper, Lukey." Jack laughed and nudged his brother's side, making Diana laugh.

Diana really liked Luke's family. They were all very nice and she felt very comfortable around them. They had welcomed her as if she was one in the family. This morning when Diana had helped with breakfast because she didn't have anything better to do and she actually liked cooking, Liz and Andrew told her so many stories and things about Luke, which made her realize how much she actually liked him.

Last night after the date, when they were at the beach, Diana had planned to tell Luke how she felt, but of course she chickened out. She didn't want to ruin their friendship, but at one moment there, it really felt like there was something more then just friendship between them.

"Shut up." Luke mumbled, but smiled. Which made Diana smiled.


luke.hemmo: hey

dianaa-york: why are you snapchatting me?

dianaa-york: i'm sitting right next to you

luke.hemmo: whaaat

luke.hemmo: you don't say?

dianaa-york: shut up

luke.hemmo: *doublechin selfie*

dianaa-york: hot

luke.hemmo: i know baby

luke.hemmo: is it a bad time to ask for that bj you promised?

"Luke!" Diana whispered and slapped his leg. Hard.

"Ow! I was just asking!"

"You can't ask stuff like that when we're around your family!" She whispered. 

They were currently sitting outside in the garden with Luke's family. They were right now watching as Jack, Celeste, and Ben played ball. At least Liz and Andrew were sitting at the other end of the table.

"Why not? It's not like they could see it." Luke defended.

"Well no." Diana said. "But it's still awkward. They are like, right there."

Luke chuckled and brought his phone back up.

luke.hemmo: is that a yes? ;-)

dianaa-york: are you horny or something?

luke.hemmo: maybe

dianaa-york: luek

luke.hemmo: it's not my fault, i can't control it

"Oh my god.." Diana mumbled and let out a chuckle.

dianaa-york: go upstairs then

luke.hemmo: will you join me then? :-D

dinaa-york: nope :-----)

luke.hemmo: mean :-(


Around six o'clock, Diana and Luke decided to meet up with Calum, Michael, and Ashton and Michael's place. The boys needed to practice and Diana was glad to watch. She really wanted to hear them play live. She had seen a few of their covers (maybe all of them) and she thought they were really good.

The boys set up their instruments in the garage and played around a little at first. Diana was sitting in front of them watching. 

"Okay, so this song is called Try Hard." Calum said into the microphone and smiled. Ashton counted them in and they started to play.

Diana watched them intensely. They looked so happy as they jumped around singing, playing, and laughing. She couldn't help but focus on Luke a little more than the others. He was smiling wide when he wasn't singing. He was really passionate about music. Diana had understood that from yesterdays conversation about bands and music in general before they fell asleep.

"Wow, you guys are really amazing!" Diana smiled and clapped her hands as they stopped playing.

"Thank you." Luke said and pulled her in for a hug when she walked up to him. 

"How did the date go yesterday by the way?" Calum said, sitting down on one of the speakers.

"It was amazing!" Diana said and smiled. 

"Oh, so Luke finally told yo-"

"So! Guys, I think we should try one of the new songs right now?" Luke said fast, interrupting Calum he would get that Luke had chickened out. "Maybe we can try Voodoo Doll?"

The boys nodded and Diana went back to her seat, stuck with the thought of what Calum was going to say. What was Luke going to tell her yesterday?

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