snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


24. twenty four

dianaa-york: hey luke

dianaa-york: yo lucas

dianaa-york: luke

dianaa-york: lucas

dianaa-york: luc-ass

dianaa-york: leuk

dianaa-york: leuk-ass

dianaa-york: locas

dianaa-york: pukas

dianaa-york: luke ffs

dianaa-york: why aren't you answering?????

dianaa-york: open them

dianaa-york: check your fucking phone idiot

dianaa-york: sdfghjkljkfgfd

dianaa-york: seriously

dianaa-york: LUKE

dianaa-york: fuck you then

dianaa-york: ffs i'll give you a blow job if you answer now???

luke.hemmo: hi sorry i was having dinner with my family

luke.hemmo: but hey does that mean i get a blow job now?? ;-)

dianaa-york: of course you can open now -.-

dianaa-york: NO.

luke.hemmo: :-(

luke.hemmo: fine (but one day i will)

luke.hemmo: what did you want anyway??

dianaa-york: i just wanted to ask how long you want me to stay.....

dianaa-york: bc you know

dianaa-york: it's christmas break and i don't have any plans

luke.hemmo: you can stay as long as you want to :-)

dianaa-york: well i can stay two nights maybe?

dianaa-york: so three days

dianaa-york: and if i have fun i maybe can stay a bit longer :-)

luke.hemmo: oh you will have fun

luke.hemmo: one way or another ;-)

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