snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


16. sixteen

luke.hemmo: what's your middle name?

dianaa-york: why do you wanna know?

luke.hemmo: i'll tell you min if you tell me yours

dianaa-york: why do you want it?

luke.hemmo:  i wanna know more stuff about you

dianaa-york: it's eleanor

luke.hemmo: diana eleanor york

luke.hemmo: it suits you

dianaa-york: thank you

dianaa-york: now yours

luke.hemmo: robert

dianaa-york: awwwww

dianaa-york: that's so cute

luke.hemmo: now you ask me something :-)

dianaa-york: tell me about your family

luke.hemmo: my mom, liz, and my dad, andrew

luke.hemmo: and i have two older brothers

luke.hemmo: jack and ben. what about yours?

dianaa-york: well.......

dianaa-york: my mother, amanda and my father, david

dianaa-york: and i have an older brother, christian (chris)

dianaa-york: and i also have a younger brother, logan

luke.hemmo: how old is logan?

dianaa-york: 13

luke.hemmo: oh alright :-)

luke.hemmo: by the way can't wait til we see each other next time

dianaa-york: me neither. only three days left :-)

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