snapchat. ➳ l.h

"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


11. eleven

The first thing that popped up in Diana's head when she woke up at 7:20 am was Luke.

Today was the day. She was actually meeting him and she was very nervous. She was actually meeting the weird kid who had added the wrong girl on snapchat. When she had received the first snapchat about the blowjob, she had never thought that this would happen. She got a friend out of this whole situation. And a pretty great one too.

Diana got up and got ready for school as she heard her phone beeping. As she realized that she had received a snapchat from Luke, she caught herself smiling. She shook her head and clicked in to the snapchat app.


dianaa-york: I KNOW LUCAS

luke.hemmo: FOR THE LAST TIME

luke.hemmo: MY NAME IS NOT LUCAS

Diana chuckled and put her phone down in the pocket of her jeans. She grabbed her bag and left for school.

This day is going to be very long.


"How long have you two even talked?" Michael asked as the four boys sat down at their regular table at McDonald's. Ashton had picked the three of them up from school so they could have lunch together.

Luke had just told Michael and Calum that he was finally meeting up with Diana. All of them were up for the idea but they were still believing it all had gone really fast. Calum thought it was just yesterday Luke came up to him and told him about this really hot girl on snapchat.

"We have been talking for like... three weeks, almost a month now." Luke said.

"Do you even know what she looks like?" Ashton asked.

"Of course he'd know that, AShton." Calum said and laughed. "They are snapchatting, not texting."

"Fine, but you don't have to send snapchats of your face, you know..."

"And what do you mean by that?" Calum said and raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing, nothing at all..." Ashton said and giggled.

Michael, Ashton, and Calum continued talking about snapchat, but Luke soon stopped listening and decided to snapchat Diana.

luke.hemmo: didi

dianaa-york: luc-ass

luke.hemmo: we are gonna meet today

dianaa-york: i know

luke.hemmo: have you decided where we r gonna eat?

dianaa-york: i'm gonna decide that?

luke.hemmo: well duh

luke.hemmo: your the one who lives there

dianaa-york: you're* and fine

dianaa-york: is ashton gonna eat with us?

luke.hemmo: idk maybe

dianaa-york: what do you even like to eat?

luke.hemmo: anything

dianaa-york: fine then we will eat something that i want

dianaa-york: just bc you are very annoying

Luke chuckled and put down his phone so he could eat.

"Talking to Diana, huh? Again?" Ashton said and smirked.

"Of course it was here!" Michael said. "He doesn't talk to anyone else. I'm sure that he's in love with her."

"Shut up." Luke mumbled.

But it was true, not the in love part but the other part. The past month he had almost only talked to Diana. For some reason he felt really happy when he talked to her. She made him really happy.


Diana was now standing outside Nando's, waiting for Luke and Ashton. Every five minutes she got snapchat updates from Luke about where they where. According to the latest update they would be there in just a few minutes.

To say Diana was nervous was an understatement. She was currently freaking out on the inside. She was actually about to meet Luke. Being this nervous over a boy was very weird for Diana. She had never felt this way before and that made her freak out a bit more. She couldn't find a word for what she was feeling and that made her worried. He's just a boy.

Luke was beyond excited and beyond nervous. He was finally meeting the girl who he had stayed up all night snapchatting for almost a month now. It felt surreal. He was only nervous that he would fuck it up. When Luke got nervous he usually turned into a really awkward and shy person. He didn't want Diana to think that he was an awkward weird idiot.

"Hey, you okay mate?" Ashton asked and looked over at Luke.

"Yeah." He breathed.

Ashton turned into the parking lot outside Nando's and Luke saw her. In front of the main entrance stood the beautiful girl he had been dying to meet. She was looking down at her phone, probably scrolling through her twitter, which Luke knew she was obsessed with.

Luke and Ashton stepped out of the car and walked over to her. When they were a few meters away, she looked up and her eyes met Luke.

"Hi." She said smiling.

"Hey." He said smiling.

And before Luke had the chance to speak again, she was in his arms. Holding him tightly

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