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"hey wanna come over and give me that blow job?"
"eww who are you?"


18. eighteen

"How did you even meet these guys?" Logan questioned Diana once again.

Diana had grown very annoyed on her little brother now. Ever since she told him that Luke and the others were coming later that day, he had not stopped asking stupid (at least Diana thought they were stupid) questions. They were sitting in the living room, eating breakfast, but if you look at the time it would be considered lunch. They both had been up ate last night. When Logan had shown up at the door Diana was very happy actually. No matter how annoying he could be, she would always love him just as much as she would hate him sometimes. They had stayed up watching movies until late and talking about nothing and everything. 

"Luke happened to ad me on snapchat." Diana answered and switched the channel on the tv again.

"Please just pick something Diana!" Logan said with a very annoyed tone in his voice. Diana mumbled a sorry and stopped at a channel which played one of her favorite christmas movies, Love Actually. "So he could basically be a pedophile? What's his name again?"

"His name is Luke and no he isn't. I see his face in like every snapchat and I've actually met him once before." Diana sighed. "He is actually a really nice guy you know? Don't judge him before you've met him please. I think you will like him actually."

Logan sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm just worried about you, Didi. Because last time you talked to Joh-"

"I know." She said fast, not wanting to think about that. "I love you, Logie."

"I love you too."


Luke, Ashton, Calum and Michael had just taken a seat in Ashton's car and were now on the road. The clock was a little after four. Sweet Home Alabama from Ashton's spotify list blasted at the moment from the speakers in the car and the four of them sang, or rather screamed, along. They were all very hyped to go out partying and Luke was just very happy and excited that we would get to see Diana once again.

luke.hemmo: we are on our way now :-)

luke.hemmo: *video of them singing along*

dianaa-york: are you all excited or something?

luke.hemmo: just a little :-)

"Are you excited Luke?" Calum, who was seated in the backseat next to him, asked.

"Fuck year." He said and smiled big. "I miss her."

"I'm also excited to see her again!" Ashton said and lowered the volume a little so he heard what they said. "She was a really awesome girl. You guys are gonna love her!"

"Please just don's embarrass me. Last time was enough." Luke said.

Ashton laughed loudly. "But that was so much fun, Pukas."

"Oh my god. You told her that story?" Calum laughed.

"She still hasn't forgotten about that!" Luke sighed.


Diana was seated on her bed next to her best friend, Scarlett. She had just told her that Luke and his friends were staying the night, and Scarlett had driven over as fast as she could and was now telling her what a bad idea it was to let four strangers into her house.

"Technically only two of them are strangers--" Diana mumbled and kept refreshing her snapchat feed, hoping from an update from Luke so she could tell Scarlett to go. 

"Not the point, Diana. The point is that they could be bad people!" Scarlett argued. 

"No, Scar. I know especially Luke but also Ashton and they wouldn't bring some bad people into my life. They are nice guys!"

"Fine. But I will call you during the evening to check up on you. And if you don't answer... I'll come here. Just so you know." She warned. "I'm just worried about you, Didi."

"You sound just like Logan." Diana mumbled. "I know you do, but I can promise you that they are nice guys."

Scarlett sighed. "Fine. I believe you. But I'll still call!"

Diana chuckled and nodded. "I didn't expect it to be any other way."

A beep sounds through the room and Diana quickly looked down at her phone.

luke.hemmo: just like an hour left!!

dianaa-york: why did you guys even leave so early

dianaa-york: you will be here at like six

dinaaa-york: the real fun at the clubs doesn't start until like 8-9

luke.hemmo: i may or may not have made them leave early...

luke.hemmo: i just wanted to see you!

dianaa-york: aw luke

dianaa-york: but you are staying the night soooo

dianaa-york: you didn't have to leave so early...

luke.hemmo: well i guess we'll have to have out at yours for a bit

dianaa-york: that's fine :-)


"Diana! There is a car in the driveway!" Logan shouted.

"Why don't you come and open the door then?" She said.

"No way! They are like 9 feet tall and all muscular!" He said and DIana heard him run upstairs.

She laughed and got up from the sofa. She went outside to help them with the packing that they had brought.

"Diana!" Luke screamed as he saw her and ran and hugged her tightly. "Hey."

"Hi." She laughed and hugged him back. "Pukas."

Luke groaned and ended the hug. "See what you have done Ashton!"

The boys laughed and Ashton was next to hug Diana. "Hello there."

"Hi Ash." She said and smiled. 

"This is Calum and Michael." Luke introduced and pointed at the other two boys. 

They all said hello and then helped each other carrying the bags and things they had brought into the house.

"Wow, you have a really big house, Diana." Calum said as they put down their things in the living room. 

"I know. Too big for my need." She muttered. "Especially since it's almost always just me and my brothers here. Our parents are business people, so they travel a lot."

The boys nodded and continued to look around in the living room. Luke's gaze stuck on a picture on the wall. In the photograph there were three kids. Between two boys was a beautiful little girl, smiling the biggest smile and just looking truly happy.

"Is this you?" Luke asked and everyone looked this way. "And your brothers?"

Diana nodded. "That's us. I was nine, I think, when that was taken. We were celebrating my birthday in Miami that year and I was so happy."

"I can see that." he laughed and nodded. "Speaking of brothers... isn't yours supposed to be here?"

"He is here. Probably upstairs hiding." Diana laughed. "He saw you guys through the window and ran upstairs. He said, and I quote: 'They are like 9 feet tall and all muscular!' So I guess he thought you were scary."

"Hey we aren't 9 feet! Only Luke." Michael said and smirked. "He's a giant."

"I am not a giant!" Luke protested. "But maybe we should say hello and tell him that we are nice?"

"You can try." Diana said and walked over to the sofa, and sat down where she had been sitting before. "Upstairs, first door to the left."

Luke and the boys slowly went upstairs. Finding the right door would have been quite hard because there were so many, but Logan had a big 'L' on the door. The boys knocked and soon Logan came and opened it. His eyes widened when he realized how tall they actually were. "Holy shit."

"Hi, Logan, right?" Luke said and smiled.

"Yeah." Logan said with a nod.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Luke and this is Calum, Michael, and Ashton."

"Hello." Logan said politely. "Did you guys want anything?"

"We just wanted to say hey and prove that we aren't 9 feet tall." Logan's eyes widened again. "Diana told us what you said."

"That little shit." Logan mumbled and then closed the door.

"He seems nice." Calum said and chuckled as the boys started to walk down the stairs again. 


The clock was now around half past nine and Ashton, Michael and Calum left about an hour ago. Diana and Luke had decided that they were hungry and stood now in the kitchen with two plates filled with chocolate chip cookies that they had made.

"Maybe we should give some to Logan?" Luke suggested and took a bite of his cookie. 

Diana groaned but agreed. She decide that instead of going upstairs to tell him, she yelled at the top of her lungs, "Logan! There's a cookie downstairs for you!"

"Wow, really?" Luke said and took his hands away from his ears. "You are so lazy."

"I know. Lazy and proud." She said and jumped to sit on the counter.

"Fuck, you're cute." Luke mumbled and walked up so he stood next to her.

"Well thank you mister. You're quite cute yourself. Sometimes at least." She teased.

"I am always cute." Luke pouted. He stood right in front of her now.

"I'm almost taller than you now." Diana said proudly and sat up even straighter.

"No you're not." Luke smirked.

"Yes I am! Come here." She said and spread her legs apart so Luke could go between them. He did and she put her arms on his shoulder and pushed herself up a little more. "See!"

"Fine. Almost then." He said and laughed at how proud she looked.

He studied her face for a while and she did the same. When their eyes met they realized how close they were and Diana still had her arms around his neck. Luke looked down at her lips and just thought 'fuck it' and he leaned in, slowly. Diana did the same. Just as their lips almost touched....

"Oh! Ehm,,, sorry..." Logan said.

Luke jumped away from Diana. Diana jumped down from the counter. "Logan! My brother! What are you doing here?" 

"You said there were cookies here for me..." Logan spoke slowly and Diana mentally cursed.

"Right. Go ahead." She said and motioned to the cookies.

Logan quickly grabbed a few cookies and then ran upstairs. Diana took a deep breath and turned around, hoping things wouldn't be awkward.

"So..." She said trailing off.

"So..." Luke trailed off.

"Um, shall we watch a movie or so?" Diana asked and fiddled with the sleeves of her shirt.

"Yeah sure." Luke said and smiled.

The teenagers sat down on the couch in the living room once again. But this time Luke made sure that he was seated a little bit closer to Diana than before. He even dared to put his arm behind her. Still resting in on the sofa, but still behind her.

Diana noticed and it made her happy. Maybe things wouldn't be awkward between them after all.

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