Your Secrets (Shh)

Kashmir Stevens is seventeen his experience at school has been horrible his friends weren't really his friends his ex girlfriend Kendall treated him wrong she even gave him a hickey at a party that she got him drunk in the first place his parents found out he has bipolar depression his dad doesn't believe him his mother doesn't pay attention because she too busy working Kashmir has no one to turn to he took his dad sleeping pills he tried to commit sucide he fainted to the floor a neighbor Elizabeth Gaines call the ambulance she save his life he gave her flowers and ask to be friends she love that she wanted more than a friendship she wanted a relationship with him he love that they started dating they had a great time Elizabeth is in love with Kashmir with all he went through she's been overprotective the entire time he gave her a ring and they elope.


2. Raggedy

Is it just me 

Or life is a mess for me right now 

Awake or asleep I feel like headaches coming to break me down

Thirteen Kashmir started to feel dizzy in his dreams having no one their for him to feel alone 

Baby boy is his name when his mother tuck him to bed his motive is for him to be okay 

The rain pours and the sun comes up their is going to be heartache and pain 

He woke up that morning he has clothes that his so call friends didn't like but he had to impress them by stealing 

It broke his heart when it happen 

He had mind visions that he wasn't alive

That's just him talking the bad things inside his mind the voices that he hear is unpredictable 

A mess or no mess Kashmir is strong and no one can break him down with what purpose Kashmir is ready for himself to be heard 

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