The Transfer Student

After Albus and Scorpius destroy the time-turner that set their lives back on track, Scorpius looks forward to welcoming his cousin from America to Hogwarts after Christmas break. Only, Emilia Clearheart isn't coming to Hogwarts for an education; she's just looking for an escape of the reality she left behind in the U.S. And when she learns of her Aunt Astoria's death, she finds one, and possibly a reason for the sudden illness that has started to sweep through Hoogwarts' students. Will Emilia be able to find out what really happened to Scorpius's mother, or will she get caught in the feud of boys, parents, and an illness that is killing one victim after another?


2. Christmas Time Waiting

Top Row: James Sirius Potter, Victoire Weasley, Teddy Lupin, Dominique Weasley, Molly Weasley, Fred Weasley, Roxanne Weasley.

Bottom Row: Scorpius Malfoy, Albus Potter, Rose Weasley, Lorcan Scamander, Lysander Scamander, Louis Weasley, Lucy Weasley, Lily Luna Potter, Hugo Weasley.


The Malfoy Manor was positively cheerful.

Scorpius Malfoy had been worried all day about the party that was to be held that night. As he helped the family house-elf put garland up, hang mistletoe, decorate the Christmas tree, and string up lights, he couldn't help but be worried Al's family wouldn't show up, or that Rose's mother would get cold feet and refuse to be in the house were she had been...well, tortured. Scorpius was not ignorant to what had happened in this house; he could only hope that he could put happier memories on top of the old and depressing ones.

He had asked his father for this party as an only gift. Scorpius didn't want presents or the newest broom; he just wanted a place to hangout with Albus and his family. So, him and Albus had begged his father for a Christmas party, even saying that Mother would want it. Maybe Scorpius felt a little bad for playing that card, but he really wanted to spend Christmas with the Potters and Weasleys, and to try and make amends (or force them). Finally, Draco agreed to allow his school-enemies into his house, despite how uncomfortable it may be. 

By nightfall, it was snowing, and the manor looked like it had came straight out of a fairy tale. Draco had been busy making sure the ballroom in the back of the house was completely closed off, while Scorpius stood nervously in the kitchen, waiting for the knock on the door. Finally, the sound of brass hitting wood echoed in the Manor's empty halls.

"I got it Dad!" Scorpius yelled happily, grabbing for the door handle and yanking it open. "Al!"

Albus Severus came barreling through the door, giving his best friend a hug, before letting his friend go. "What's up Scorp?"

"Hey Al's family!" Scorpius said, smiling brightly. Mr.Potter tipped his head to Scorpius, before eyeing the walls of the house warily, while Mrs.Potter gave Scorpius a warm up.

"Nice to see you Scorpius," Ginny said, letting the boy go, and patting him on the cheek. 

James came through the door, with Lily Luna on his back. 

"What's up man," he hollered, giving Scorpius a fist bump. His tie was wrapped around his head, and Scorpius watched Lily jump off her brother's back, holding the skirt of her dress up higher than it originally laid.

"Hey Scorpius," she cheered, rushing past him, to go jump on Albus's back. 

"Get off me!" Albus exclaimed, taken by surprise, as Hugo Weasley came running in through the door, and picked Lily easily off Albus's back. Like his father, Hugo was taller then his older sibling, almost taller than Scorpius and Albus. Rose trudged in after her little brother, her nose stuck in a book. Trying his luck, Scorpius snatched it from her hands, leaving Rose's nose stuck in the air. Instantly her eyes narrowed, and went to Scorpius's sheepish face.

"Hi Rose," he said, smiling widely at her. 

"Scorpius, please return my book." Rose demanded. She was at the most five foot five, a whole five inches at least shorter then Scorpius; he figured it would be funny to watch him and her get in a fight, since she'd do most of the yelling. 

"I think I'll keep it," he grinned, checking the page number before quickly shutting the book. "What page were you on?" 

Scorpius was hoping he could barter a hug for the number (unlikely, he knew, but he had to try), and handed the book back.

"253," Rose muttered, before flipping back to her page. Scorpius rolled his eyes, but laughed. 

"'Mione, would you help me with the-oof!" Mr.Weasley yelled, stumbling into the Manor,  before regaining his composure. He held many boxes, each one decorated with bright ribbons. Scorpius felt a breath release in his chest; he was happy he wasn't the only one who bought gifts.

"Hi Mr.Weasley," Scorpius said cheerfully. Ron looked up, his red hair falling into his eyes.

"Malfo-Scorpius!" he replied, tripping over his words as he tripped past Scorpius. "Where could I put these?" 

"Right under the tree, Dad," Rose answered, looking up from her book, and pointing forward, to the foyer that was in clear sight. 

"Right Rosey," Mr. Weasley laughed, before managing to get his wand from the back of his pocket, and levitated the stack of presents over to the tree. He ruffled Rose's carefully slicked down hair (no doubt Sleazy hair potion), and headed after Harry into the dining room.

"Who's all coming, Al?" Scorpius asked, as Hermione walked through the doorway, smiling at Scorpius, and waving a hello to Albus.

"I think Uncle George is bringing Aunt Angelina, Fred, and Roxanne, and I'm pretty sure Uncle Bill came home from Egypt with Aunt Fleur and Vic, Luis, and Dom. I'm pretty sure that Vic invited Teddy, too, though I'm sure Dad offered up the invitation as well." Albus rattled off, leaning against the wall, next to Rose. Hugo and Lily had ran off, chasing each other into the sitting room.

"You're forgetting about Uncle Percy, and his family." Rose reminded her cousin. Albus rolled his eyes.

"I think Uncle Ron did too,"

"Did not!"

"You only like him because he reads," Albus complained, snickering at himself.

"Oh shut up Al!" Rose yelled, her face turning as red as her hair, though she was starting to breakdown into giggles.

Soon enough, the door rang, Teddy Lupin with his grandmother on his arm coming in through the doorway. He gently smiled at Scorpius, and quickly started a game with James (who had been uncharacteristically quiet) over who could steal Albus's glasses the fastest. Andromeda, who had planned on holding her head high while looking through the house she had been thrown out of on many occasions, let her guard down once she saw the smiling face of the young Malfoy. In many ways, she was the grandmother the young boy who hadn't gotten a proper one, after Nacrissa had passed away. 

"Hello Scorpius," she said, her voice warm and kind.

"H-hello," Scorpius stammered out, feeling his face redden as Albus started laughing, ducking away from James.

"Albus," Andromeda 'scolded', while a smile took over her face. "You better behave tonight boys. You'll watch out for them, won't you Rose, darling?"

"Of course," Rose said, still not lifting her head out of her book, but giving off a cheeky smile.

The next group to come through the door, about five seconds later, was led by Victorie Weasley flinging herself into Teddy's unsuspecting arms. Lucky her he has quick reflexes, Scorpius thought. Teddy, who had been getting ready to win the the game, laughed as his girlfriend jumped in his arms, looking entirely petite and fragile.

"How ya doing, Mr.Weasley?" Teddy said, as he kissed Victorie on her forehead. Bill Weasley, his face still scarred, walked through the door, his coat draped over the figure of his beautiful wife. Two more teenagers, both with the shimmering silver-blonde hair Victorie and Fleur supported, followed the couple. Luis and Dominique grinned smiles to each other, sneakily moving towards Rose.

"Fine," Bill replied, smiling easily. 

"How are you, my dear boy?" Fleur asked, abandoning her husband's side to give Teddy kisses on the cheek.

"Wonderful," Teddy replied, his hair slowly turning a bubblegum pink, as Fleur and Victorie tugged him into the sitting room to talk. 

"How are you troublemakers?" Bill asked, focusing his attention onto Scorpius,Al, and James. "Oi, Rose, I almost didn't see you back in the corner. What're you reading today?"

"Something you've never read," Rose stated proudly. Luis, of course, did what Scorpius had failed to do, and stole Rose's book. He raced up the staircase in front of the door, with an angry Rose and laughing Dominique behind him. "James! Help!" Rose bellowed, her voice echoing down the stairwell. James laughed, slicked his red hair back, before bolting up the stairs.

"Don't break anything James!" Scorpius yelled up the stairs, letting a little 'huff' out. Al smirked, as a raven haired girl with bright pink stripes walked through the door.

"Bloody hell Malfoy, you got a nice home here," Molly Weasley yelled, as a thirteen year old with bright red hair ducked under her sister's arm, and threw her arms around Scorpius's waist.

"Hey Lucy," Scorpius laughed, giving a hug back to Percy Weasley's youngest daughter. "What's up Molly?"

"Lil cousin," Molly greeted Albus, by ruffling his hair. "Lil cousin's best friend who has a sweet home." She said with the same amount of enthusiasm to Scorpius, while ruffling his hair too. "Know what Scorp, you should just become part of the family. You're over at Potter's enough, plus, cousins' share houses, and we could hold some bloody amazing parties in here-"

"Molly," Percy Weasley scolded his child (and really, could he call his 18 year old daughter a child anymore?), carrying a small stack of presents. "Tell your father we're so very happy he invited us." he said to Scorpius, ignoring Albus, as Albus ignored him back, giving a hug to Lucy. "Aubrey, dear, could you find Hermione for me? We have so much to talk about, with her being Minister of Magic and all now..."

George Weasley popped in just as Percy and his wife floated away, with Molly and Lucy waiting by the door. 

"Hello," he said, smiling fondly at his nephew and nieces. George Weasely's bright hair had began to fade, as was his smile. Moments later, before Albus or Scorpius got a chance to respond, Angelina came into the room, and wrapped her arm around George's waist.

"How're you doing Albus? Scorpius? Girls?" she asked kindly, as Roxanne and Fred Weasley barged in past them.

"No lovey dovey," Fred complained, his hair a reddish brown. Roxanne's was a darker brown, but they both had the same tanned skin that hid freckles on their noses. 

"Agreed!" Roxanne exclaimed. "Molly, what ever happened at the Weird Sisters' concert?"

"The one you didn't attend?" George asked his daughter, eyebrow raised.

Roxanne nodded very fastly, in Scorpius's opinion. "Oh yes, that'd be the very one." Molly saved Roxanne, by tugging her into the kitchen, with Lucy following. Fred grinned awkwardly at Scorpius and Albus, before following his parents into the sitting room.

"Think that's the entire family, Scorp," Albus said, slinging his arm around Scorpius's shoulder.

"No Uncle Charlie?" Scorpius asked, shutting the wooden door before anymore snowflakes drifted in.

"Nah, caught up in Romania again. Hagrid's out there too; something about a dragon named 'Norbert' giving them troubles," Albus replied, before looking at the stairwell. A loud boom! echoed through the house, making both Albus and Scorpius wince. "We should probably go check and make sure Rose hasn't killed anyone yet."

"You can head on up," Scorpius said, checking a clock on the wall. Planets were circling the outer edge, with two hands moving around them furiously. "I think Father ordered a last minute present..."

"Okay," Albus said, shrugging, already heading up the stairs. Unlike his cousins, he knew exactly where he was going. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

Scorpius nodded, and looked back at the door, waiting to hear the knock of his last guest. He took a deep breath, trying to think of what he would say to her; Scorpius remembered his father telling him that Amelia looked nearly identical to his mother. He recalled Aunt Daphne's bitter words as she said this, thinking her child's looks were somehow supposed to make up for the lost of her sister. What if she looked exactly like his mother; how was Scorpius suppose to get through a single conversation with a girl who looked like his dead mother? How was he suppose to make friends with a girl he couldn't hold a conversation with? How was he suppose to live with a person he wasn't even friends with? Was that possible? Was it normal? Was it-

"Scorpius!" James yelled into Scorpius's ear. Scorpius blinked out of his thoughts, his eyes widening.

"Y-ya?" He stuttered.

"It's time to eat bud," James said, his brown eyes looking at Scorpius carefully. James removed his hands of Scorpius's shoulders; Scorpius hadn't even noticed them there. "Your dad's been calling you for a few minutes now."

"Right," Scorpius muttered, casting one more glance at the door. "Let's go eat."



A/N Realized I didn't write about George and Angelina coming in....sooooo I wrote them in; please check it out. I also put up a drawing JK Rowling posted of the second generation, so you can get an idea of what I think they look like; please remember this is set three years after this drawing, so they all look a little older, but for the most part they look the same.

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