Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


3. The excuse/ fun

Your excuse

There was a raccoon and it came into the kitchen. It must have crawled in through the kitchen window. When you tried to chase it off but it ran around the house and it made a mess. To your surprise mike believed it. Was your father so gullible .He got a phone call and He said to go to bed and that he would see you in the morning he had some business to go to. You went upstairs and you heard mike leave again and sat on your bed. Now you were with these thing until morning how great was that? Freddy was the first to come out of the room followed by angry bonnie. Then Chica came out of the room followed by Goldie and foxy. “Hello dear I told you I would see you soon “You quickly interrupted “ What the heck was that mess downstairs I had to lie to Mike about it. You guys are not allowed to leave this to room understand” you scowled them but felt kind of small because they were way much taller than you and you were looking up at them. “ Well you see if you tell Mike then we’re going to have a problem dear and I’m sure you don’t want that” Freddy said with a bright smile. 

You got the point and you throwing darts at bonnie every now and then he would stare at you. “Now you were saying” he said laughing, you sat on your bed in embarrassment and covered your face with a pillow. “Come on Y/N don’t be like that” he said. You ignored them maybe this was all just a dream just a crazy dream that you needed to wake up from. You knew it wasn’t a dream because you felt something cold on your back and waist. You were certain it wasn’t a dream it was all too real. Why couldn’t it have been someone else? 

“you felt Freddy grasp get tighter as you tried to comfort yourself in a nice position. Now you were in a position you didn’t want to be in. Freddy and you were laying face to face next to each other. You covered your intense blush with your pillow and he pulled it off and just smiled. You quickly grabbed your plushies and ducked under the bed. He just layed there and you quickly grabbed your plushies and threw that at him. That caught him off guard and he fell off the bed. You giggled and hid under the bed. You were pulled out from the bed and exposed to your enemy.

“Found you “ he said grabbing one of your plushies and throwing it at you. In a minute you were in an all-out war with Freddy. You were throwing plushies back and forth you were having so much fun you hadn’t had so much fun since that day. Then you were throwing a natsu plushies when bonnie appeared in the middle and it hit him straight in the face. “Now your goanna get it” he said throwing the plushies at you he ducked behind Freddy and began throwing plushies. Then came out Goldie and he joined you and started throwing plushies at Freddy and bonnie. “Time out, I have to get more plushies” you called out and ran to the closet where you had a box of plushies you had loads of them. “Time in” you said as you place on box on both sides. 

You quickly resumed your game when Chica came out and she went with bonnie and Freddy. “No fair its three against two” You whined as she began to throw plushies. “well maybe I can make it fair” You heard foxy say as he came out and joined you guys. You had been throwing plushies for an hour and you were getting tired. You saw that the rest of them were too and then you came across a bunch of all too familiar plushies. There was a bear, chicken, bunny, fox, a golden bear and a golden bunny. You held them up and you grabbed them and flopped down onto your bed, the rest of them stared at you with a confused look and they were tired. They flopped down onto your bed. Grabbing each of theirs plushies and getting comfortable and you were left with the Golden bunny which you thought was kind of cute and you kept him close to you. 

Goldie just stared at you with this look and you asked him what was wrong. “It’s nothing….. It’s just that the plushies you have belonged to a very good friend of ours” He said pointing to the plushies in your hand. You tried to give it back but he refused. “No ,no ,no, you keep, it yours after all he gave it to you” he said pushing it away. You don’t remember anyone giving you this but you do remember waking up in the hospital with this in your arms maybe that’s why you cared about it so much. You dozed off and the rest of them did and you could have sworn you heard someone say something. “Sweet dreams Y/N, I’ll see you soon”…..

You woke up to see you were tucked in bed and there was a note on your box of plushies.” Dear Y/N if you don’t mind we took the plushies with us its that we just use to have this connection with them before they were given to you so don’t be mad, see you to night ~Freddy” You were totally goanna get him back because he left you room full of plushies everywhere the least he could have done was picked them up and he took your favorite plushies with him you were goanna kill him. Mike came in the room and he looked mad. “Kid I’ve decided that your goanna come to work with me since I can’t leave you home alone, so get ready ok and clean up’ he said looking at the plushies all over the room then left. You locked the door and the door next to yours opened. Freddy popped out with the plushies in his hand and handed them to you. You grabbed you back pack and put stuff to entertain yourself with you grabbed a rubix cube, phone, book, sketch book, and your headphones and then Freddy stuffed the plushies into your bag. “What do I need them for” you asked him and he just kept stuffing them. Then he gave you his bowtie and bonnie and Goldie came out the room and did the same. You put them into your pocket and picked up your plushies and put them into your box. What was so special about these bowties you wondered as mike dragged you to the car with your stuff. You got there and went in the lights were off and you could see the show stage and their stood three animatronics were you in for a hell of a night.....

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