Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


4. Meeting the toys

You were sitting in the office in the corner and you watched mike checking all the cameras and mike told you that your in charge of the music box great how fun was this goanna be you would actually rather be home with the other but this was just temporarily which was okay with you. You had your headphones blasting music while you took pictures of the stuff in the office. You were looking at the cameras and switched to the main stage and their stood three robots a blue bunny, a chicken, and a bear. You quickly switched over ot a hall camera to see nothing and then the chicken appeared with a different face you handed mike the tablet and told him you were goanna look around taking your stuff with you. What could go wrong plus they were just friendly robots.

You walked over to the stage and it looked like the two robots were staring at you. Which was creepy because they were turned off for the night then one of them winked. You sat at one of the tables and took out your sketch pad. You usually drew anything you wanted like anime or animals. You were drawing one of the plushies Freddy gave you when you felt something cold touch your shoulder. You turned around to see the bear looking straight at you. You jumped out the chair and backed away. You were cornered when the other two robots appeared right in front of you. You saw a vent and crawled through it and made around the corner when you saw mikes legs and you were yanked back. You were now surrounded by the three robots and your bag fell over. The plushies fell out and you hurried to pick them up when one of them picked them up it was chica's and they giggled at it and looked back at you.

What were they laughing at? You gave them one of the bowties and they quickly dropped it as if it had a electrocuted them. They backed away as you pulled out the rest what they were afraid of. One second ago they were giggling it off what was the problem. You picked up the bow tie as you heard mike calling your name you raced back to the table and grabbed your stuff and ran to the office where mike was walking out. "Kid what were you thinking, I told you to stay with me you know I can't leave the office on my shift" he said hugging you and leading you out the door. You were quiet on the ride home what were the robots so scared of. You were surely goanna ask Freddy.

You got home and went to your room. You flopped down on your bed boy were you tired and you were ready for to hit the hay. You fella sleep think about the animatronics but before you went to bed you left all the plushies and ties layed out on your bed. You woke up to see that everything was gone and you smelled bacon which meant mike was making breakfast the best thing in the world which meant he wanted something. "Y/N come down and eat" he yelled as you raced down the steps. He made you an omelet with bacon and toast the best thing ever he sat down at the table smiling and started eating. "SO... Kid I have to tell ya something.... I have to out of town for three weeks an emergency came up and I need to go" he said smiling shyly. "Really so who's goanna stay and who's watching me." No one kid but I just need to tell you one last thing. My boss robots are coming her cause there goanna remodel the pizzeria" he said quickly. "What but where are you goanna put them" you asked him. "Well you see they have a free roam mode so you should be fine" he said reassuringly.

You heard a knock on the door and you saw a white bearded man which was mikes boss. "Hey kiddo how you been" he said patting your head. After him came in the robots and some guys carrying a big box. "You don't mind right Y/N" he said hugging you. "Y/N!" the robots yelled how did they knew your name. They all hugged you squeezing out the little air you had left in you. "Guys take it easy I need to talk to you" their boss said and they followed after him. They came back a few minutes later. "Sorry Y/N" they all said looking at the floor. The boss left and they began to wander around the house. You told them what was off limits and what they could do and couldn't do. They all introduce themselves properly and the bears name was Toy Freddy the bunny's name was Toy bonnie but he said you can call him bonbon the chicken said her name was Toy chica.

You turned on the tv and you went over to the kitchen where you were startled by a tall black figure. " Hi there" it said" My name is marionette" he said shaking your hand. " Do you mind helping me I'm hungry and im tired of eating pizza he sighed as he pulled out a ramen soup. You poured water in it and put it in the microwave once it was done you told him to wait for it to cool down before he ate it before giving him a fork. You walked to the living room and something on the ceiling caught your eye you looked up to see one of the animatronics but it looked like a bunch a parts it stared at you and held out what you thought was a hand. You took it and it head got closer and it was about to close its jaw when toy freddy came in. " Mangle don't you dare!" he yelled and it stopped. " Sory hes just not use to teenagers" toy freddy said pulling you back you knew who wasn't your favorite now.

You went upstairs and locked the door making sure it was locked and knocked on the other door. " Freddy you can come out in need to talk to you" you whispered the door creaked open and they all walked out. They all sat down on the floor and you sat in front of them. They all stared at you with this starange look." Im guessing your mad because your replacements are here" you asked and they all nodded. " So why are you guys mad exactly, they seem to be afraid of you" you said. " They might be afraid of some of us but not all of us. There only afraid of me and bonnie" Freddy said. " They pick on the rest of us back at the restaurant that's why the boss put us here to avoid the worst. Yes, we did the best we could to fight them back but it was useless. They were too many and we could only get our revenge on one of them." Freddy said. " The mangle, it came in one day and started to pick on bonnie and he didn't mind until he crossed the line on something he said, bonnie got so mad he tore him to piece by piece leaving his endoskeleton exposed. Then we elft him in front of the door for the rest of them to see" freddy said.

" You don't need to worry Y/N as long as they avoid us then well be fine and be careful at night" he said hugging and he raced into the room. You went downstairs to see the toys watching steven universe. They looked at you then at the screen freddy signaled you to come over and you sat next to him. It was the episode with lapis lazuli being captured and they seemed really into it. You got comfortable and started getting sleepy and toy freddy wraped his arm around you and you pushed it off and got up. " Come on Y/N don't be like that come on stay" he said as you walked up the stairs. " I said to stay" a deeper voice said and you turned around to see toy freddy with black eye sockets. " You ran up the stairs and were pulled down by cold hands. " I said to stay" he said hitting you in the face......

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