Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


11. His awakening

You flipped on the switch in his back panel. His eyes glowed white and you could hear mechanical parts moving inside. Along with squishing that you almost threw up from the sound. He stood up and now You were backing away from him. When you hit the door. " Y/N what's wrong" bonnie asked jiggling the lock. " You can't tell him or they'll all die now you never saw me got it, dear "he said sitting on the ground again. You nodded and opened the door you didn't realize the tears in your eyes and you ran into bonnie. Who was taken by surprise and fell back. " What's wrong" he asked soothingly. " I can't tell you bonnie it's for your own good" you cried into chest. You didn't realize how you positioned until you lifted your head to red tomatoes bonnie. You quickly jumped off of him and jumped on your bed. " why can't you tell me Y/N" he asked lying next to you." Bonnie I would tell you if I could" you sobbed out. " Whatever it is I can protect myself from what's wrong" he said getting comfortable facing you. " I can't tell you can you please just leave me alone" you asked him. " No Y/N I'm not going anywhere" he said..... " Bonnie... if I did something horrible that put your lives in danger would you ever hurt me" you asked him. " I could never hurt you Y/N, you know that none of us could and partially because the God damn bear won't let us... but we love you Y/N and that won't get in the way of anything it will never change" he said hugging you. But hearing those words made you cry even more they cared about you and you were going to make them suffer by giving up your own life for theirs.


Bonnie only stared at you he had finally given up. He knew something was seriously wrong and he needed to know what that was. " Hey Y/N are you crying because you think we're mad at you" he said moving your hair out of your face. " well if that what it is, then I just want you to know we're not mad at you it's just that we Don't want you to go through some of the things that we know about when someone gets that type of mark. But we're NOT going to let that happen to you well never stop fighting for you" he said hugging you. " Its not that" you said pushing him away. He finally gave up and left you to cry. You knew what would happen if you told him. You could face the fact that they'll suffer because of you. what we're you going to do now?


Bonnie Pov 


I called the others and told them what happened. Yes I was raging inside about the mark but we had a bigger worry on our hands. What's wrong with Y/N. Why is she trying to protect us. " guys" I called out for them to stop fighting. " what!" Freddy screeched. " Somethings wrong with her she won't stop crying, she said she has to protect us" I explained. They rushed to your room and saw you there sobbing in your knees. " Y/N what's wrong " I heard Freddy said worried. She just continued to sob harder . "she won't tell you" I said in defeat. " She had to tell us" Chica said. " I can't tell you guys, for my sake and yours" she sobbed out. " Y/N were here for your sake and if anything wants to hurt you just tell us" Goldie said walking over to your bed. You pushed him away and shocked look filled his eyes and he left. " Y/N if you don't tell us what's wrong were not leaving you" Chica blurted out aggravated. " Just leave me alone!" you yelled out. I wasn't leaving even if you told me too not until you tell me.......


Your PoV 


You were angry and frustrated that they kept urging you to tell them. " Y/N we thought we could help you but I guess we can't do everything that we wanted" you heard foxy say . Freddy went back into the room with Chica behind him. You knew they tried to help you in all ways possible and tried to get you our of very situation but this one was one that no one could get you out of. Sleep was catching up with you. You laid down on your pillow and fell asleep. 


Your Dream


You were in pitch black you already knew what awaited for you. You couldn't help but let tears fall down your cheek the pain was overwhelming. It was like your entire body every muscle especially your heart was in pain. You Felt a finger touch your cheek and you turned around to see Vincent. " Why are you crying, aren't you happy your saving their lives" he said brushing away tears. " Now let's begin I won't take you yet but who said I couldn't have fun". He said moving your hair out your face. He made his way down your neck. Kissing it gently up and down. You tried to push him away but his grip would get tighter on your shoulder. " no, no, no you. Said you would be mine" he teased as he continued. He then began biting at your neck. He moved his way upwards towards your face and you were just inches away from each other he smirked. His lips crashed into your and he tried to look for and opening. He gripped your chest and you gasped. He found his way in and began to explore you bit down on his tongue and he screamed in pain. " Naughty Y/N, how dare you defy me" he said gripping your neck. You were gasping for air and saw the look of lust in his eyes. " I can't kill you but how about another mark" he said pulling out his knife. He pulled down your sleeve and began to carve a V in shoulder. He did the same process and cut himself and pored his blood over yours. " Soon enough you'll be mine" he said disappearing. 


End of Dream


You opened your eyes to see Freddy standing in the doorway and bonnie leaning against your bed frame. You rushed to the bathroom. You spit out the blood in your mouth and washed it away. The taste still stood there and you grabbed mouth washed and rinsed over and over again. You closed the door in bonnie face. You cleaned the blood of the mark and covered it with your sleeve. You walked out to be stopped by Freddy. " You haven't bathed yet, here" he said handing you a towel. You stepped into the shower.


You instantly felt a stinging pain on your shoulder. You looked down to see it was glowing red. You were washing your hair. You hadn't realized it was so dirty. You saw red stream into the drain quickly grabbed the shampoo and began to rub it in. Once you finished you washed your face and washed the rim of your mouth that was stained with dried blood. after you finished you stepped out the shower and wrapped the towel around your self. You heard Chica tell the boys to leave and you heard the boys leave. You walked out and went to the dresser. You were pulling out your clothes and headed to the mirror. You pulled your hair back and revealed the scar. 

Chica instantly headed over to you and examines it gripping your shoulder and immediately let you go when she heard you wince in pain. She walked out and you locked the door you knew what was coming. You heard banging on the door. You hid in the closet and hid far in the corner. You heard the door cracking there goes another door. You thought as you heard it snap. You heard everyone running in and heard them searching for you....


" Where I's the lass" you heard foxy said. They looked in the bathroom, underneath the bed and even your drawers. Which you thought was silly. They had finally given up . They went downstairs and began searching. Once you hurt the door close you slipped out the closet. Only to run into bonnie. " do you really think I'm that stupid" he said grabbing you by the waist. " Could you please let me go" you asked him trying to pull away from his grip. " Let me see it" he said tightening his grip. He pulled your hair back revealing the mark. " why do you always hide this from me you know I care about you" he said pulling your hair back. He moved your hair again out the way and his eyes widened. " What's wrong" you asked him. " What isn't wrong" he said placing you in front of the mirror showing you your neck. You had this big purple bruise in your neck and partially of your shoulder with teeth marks. You looked at bonnie who was furious " Where you goanna hide this from me too" he said. " No... I didn't even know it was there, I swear" you tried to explain. " how could you not know it was their you must have realized it was there when Chica saw you, so are you lying to me now Y/n" he yelled back. " Bonnie I swear I didn't know" you teared out. Before you could finish your sentence he walked out the room.....



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