Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


12. Going too far

Why was this happening to you? You thought as you silently sobbed. You could here footsteps coming up the stairs. You pulled the covers over your self as you heard your door close You heard the footsteps stop in front of your bed. The covers were lifted over you as you tried to pull them down. " why are you defying me" the all to familiar voice said. You looked up to see Vincent. " aren't you happy to see me, put a smile on for me" he said Sitting On Your bed. " I want to have some more fun.... What to do....what to do" he said sitting closer to you. " how about we have some fun" he said lying on top of you. " I'm tired of you!" you said pulling him off. " what did you say😠" he said gripping you down. 


HE pulled out a knife and stabbed it into your leg. " that will teach you to defy me" he said over your screams. You heard footsteps running up the stairs. You could here the muffled yells of everyone. Vincent Just Carved Into Your skin. He carved his V 's into legs and arms. Your body felt number as he sealed the marks with his blood. You couldn't move. He began to slowly take his finger around you neck and finally reached the bruise. " No wonder why he's furious" he said as he touched it. He began to gently presses his lips against it and began to bite harder. You could feel your skin breaking as you felt blood stream down your neck. Suddenly cracking filled through room as the door hit the wall . Bonnie came in huffing in air. With Freddy, Chica, Goldie, and foxy behind him. 


You felt cold as your vision was covered with black spots. Vincent suddenly disappeared from on top of you. " until next time" he whispered as he disappeared. Suddenly everything went black and you could only hear muffled yells.


(Time skip)


You opened your eyes to see bonnie and Goldie standing over you. Bonnie noticed you were awake and sat on the bed. " I know what...." You tried to say but you were interrupted. " We made a choice Y/N and your not going to be happy about it but it's for the best we will give you time to decide... you have to give yourself up to avoid yourself from becoming Vincent's and letting him, take you...... so we will give you time to decide please make the right choice" Goldie explained as he sat on the other side of you. YOU HAD TO WHAT! " Now I'll leave you and bonnie to your discussion" he said leaving. " we need to give you a shower" he said standing. He walked over to the bathroom door and then realized you weren't following. " Get out of bed" he said turning around. " I cant "you squeezed out for him to hear. " what do you mean you cant" he said . " I can't move idiot!" you yelled out. " why can get you move" he said walking back over to you. You realized you were in different clothes from before. 


When did Vincent change them. " look" you said pulling off the covers that were up to your neck. The bruises and scars then appeared in his sight. He quickly paced to the bed and examined your leg and arm .he called Goldie who was pacing out side. " what is it" he said appearing next to bonnie. " when did you see this" bonnie said pointing at you. " I knew That When You Were Outside Raging OVER WHO We Saw but" he was interrupted. " YOU KNEW THIS ENTIRE GOD DAMN TIME WHEN WE'RE YOU GONNA TELL ME" he yelled at Goldie. " I didn't tell you for this exact reason " he snapped back while leaving. Bonnie picked you up and sat you in the bathroom then left. He came back with Chica , a towel and a change a clothes. " tell me when you're done" he said Leaving .


(Time skip thirty minutes)


After Chica finished she called bonnie. Bonnie took you back to bed. He layed down next to you. " I know what your thinking...... but what I said earlier in didn't mean it's just I didn't like what happened to you, I can't imagine what Vincent would do to you once he gets complete control of your body thinking of you like that it sends me into rage....I care too much for you, I don't want hurt you, I don't want you to suffer for me, break the deal with him, did you think I didn't find out why you said you were protecting us I got who it was from, the point is it l- Love you........and I don't expect you to return the same feelings it's fine if you don't" he said bravely. Did he really mean everything he said. " Bonnie .... I don't know what to say ... I-I- love y..you too" you said struggling to sit up. " Y/N if your saying this for my sake you don't have to" said sitting closer to you. " I really do bonnie I have the same feelings " you said as he sat closer. 


" but I have to tell you something else you have to make that decision sooner than we thought you have two days we have to shorten it Vincent's already taken control over you and if he goes farther we going to lose you completely. We would rather have you take your time but because of this we had to make the choice . I hope you understand" he explained. You did understand you just had to make the right choice. Who were you goanna choose ......


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