Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


7. An explination

Springtrap will come later on in the story


You're Pov


You and bonnie were getting along fine since he was in charge of you and the others were busy. You played around by fist fighting he ended up beating you in the end. You sketched him in your math notebook and he took the picture. Every time you tried to go downstairs he would be there and watch you carefully what was up with him. Today was different he just sat on your bed deep in thought. " What's wrong with you today I want to rumble" you said falling on the bed. You accidently flopped really and fell on the floor. You hit your hard because you were bleeding and it stung. " What was that" you heard Freddy ask from inside the room. "Nothing" bonnie yelled back as he picked you up and took you to the bathroom. "You hurt yourself, you idiot" he said as he got a towel and dabbed it on your head. "Who you calling an idiot" you snapped back pushing him away. "You" he said. "I'm not an idiot" you said sitting up. "Are to" he said. "Are not" you said." Are too "he said" are not" Will you just let me help you" he yelled back. You were taken by surprise by his words. Did he just really say that? He picked up the towel and continued to clean your wound. 


After he finished you ran out the bathroom and locked the door. You could hear him banging on the door and giggled. "Y/N open the door" he yelled. "No don't feel like it" you said jumping on your bed. Then you heard cracking and you panicked and hid behind the door. He was close to cracking the door. You quickly slipped into the other room where the others stared at you. " What are you doing in here get out" Goldie said pushing you towards the door. "Bonnies out there" you whispered back as you heard the door fall back. "Fine well hide you this time but don't expect us to help you again" he said pushing you in a corner right when the door opened. "Where is she" you heard bonnie snap as he pushed through the others. "She's not in here, maybes she downstairs" Freddy said pushing him out. You heard bonnie race downstairs and you came out to see the others smiling. You left and hid under your bed.


He came back up and you heard him walk around the room. You suddenly felt a tug under your leg and you were pulled up and lifted of the ground. Now you were dangling in midair by bonnie arm. "Really, Y/N really" he said lifting you higher. Man was he strong. "It's funny to see you all mad" you said mimicking him. "Yeah, yeah you had me worried you can't just go run off" he said placing you on the ground. "Why do you worry about me so much" you asked him jumping on your bed. "It's because i-c-care about you...now will you stop jumping on the bed" he said turning red. "Why do you care about me the only person who cares about me is mike I don't think my friends even care about me" you said sitting on your bed. "Well I care about you Y/N everyone does" he said hugging you. "He's right we all do that's why we are planning to protect you .........." you heard Goldie say you turned around to see everyone smiling. " What do you mean protect me" you asked him. 

"Bonnie seems very fond of you Y/N" he said avoiding the question." What do you mean by protect me Goldie" you said gripping his arm. "Ow..... Okay, okay I can't tell you but someone else can" he said pointing at Freddy. 'What no I can't tell her at least not yet" he said looking at the wall to avoid your gaze. You looked at Chica who looked at foxy and foxy looked at Goldie and Goldie looked at bonnie. "Oh come on I'm already in charge of her that was hard enough and also awesome ........ Fine...... Y/N you have to listen carefully. Someone wants to hurt you someone who use to care for you before something happened and he changed I won't tell you his name because its just chilling for even me to say it even if...... anyway we have to protect you from him to avoid him from hurting you that's why we're all on guard even the toys just now we care about you too much to let you get hurt." He said hugging you towards the end. 


"Is that it....I thought you guys killed someone or something" you said shocked but worried. "Wait a minute what!" Freddy exclaimed." You aren't scared at the fact someone's out to kill you" Goldie said. " I am, speaking of which I forgot to tell you guys....my friends are coming over so you guys need to stay in the room" you said playing with your fingers. "Why didn't you tell us sooner what are goanna do about the toys Y/N" Bonnie said. " I don't know let's put them in the basement or something just relax okay and if you guys come out of the room while they're here your goanna get it.. Got it" you said giving them death stares." Sure "Freddy said sighing. " Good now they'll be here in an hour so Chica come downstairs and help me get set up... Boys you better fix my door or your dead" you said pointing at the door frame. "Okay, okay no need to be bossy lass" foxy said pushing you and Chica out.



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