Springtrap x reader

Your 12 you were kicked out of your home by your mom and that's when you met Mike . He took you in and became a father two you working at some crazy job at a pizzeria he loves it despite trying to be killed by robots. You didnt mind until that day,


9. A bad day

You managed to get everyone to calm down. You hadn't realized it had been going on for two hours. You were tired and they finally notice that you were almost falling asleep by laying against the door. Bonne picked you up and layed you on you're bed. " Thanks" you said yawning. " sorry, for making so much noise" he said. You held up your hand as you drifted off to sleep telling him it was fine while drifting off. 

Your dream

You were in that quite place again when you heard a voice you could barley make out. It was an animatronic like the others he just like bonnie and was golden. "Hello Y/N do you Remember me " he said with a bright flash. You know you knew him from somewhere but where. " I Remember the day I first met you, it was your 5th birthday and you had requested all the animatronics to be there every single one and you contend every single one of us, that was the day they fixed me to look nice like the others before they were worn down. But that was 8 years ago what does it matter anymore. Now I'm stuck in that room with the rest of them alone while they get to see you" he said walking over to you. "What do you mean you the most important thing in this world to me your what matters "you said hugging him tightly. "Do you remember my name" he asked in your grasp. " I remember it clear as day spring bonnie" you said. " No one calls me that anymore not after what happened on your birthday. They call me springtrap after that day they said that I drove you away, that I was bad, none of kids loved me. " he said returning the hug. " But you should have know I was the one kid who loved you and I never came back after that day I never knew why.......... I'm so sorry spring bonnie I never meant to leave you like that" you said. 

"please don't apologize will you do me a favor Y/N , when you wake up you can't tell the others you saw me, you have to go in the room and I want you to turn on the light and you should see me in a corner a week from now do what I'm telling you when the others aren't around, understand" he said looking dead into your eyes. " I promise" you said looking back at him. "Good now I have to let you go or the others will get worried see you tonight " his voice said as he disappeared.

End of dream

You woke up to smell of food. You sat up to see bonnie standing with a tray in his hand with flower and a letter. Did he really make all of this for you? He did owe you for the stunt he pulled so you let it pass this once. He placed the tray on your lap and sat next to you. "This is sorry for what I did last night" he said handing you letter.

" Dear Y/N, 

I'm very sorry for what I did it was not appropriate of me to do that. That is why I have made you a breakfast a put my heart and time into. I have also planned to make you lunch and dinner so please let me know when you're hungry. I will put lots of my love into it.

Ps. I only had to write this to you because Freddy made me stupid bear he's just jealous cause I can sing better and I'm goanna get you if you tell him I told you that.

Sincerely, bonnie xoxoxoxo 

You looked at him in amazement then laughed." WHAT'S SO FUNNY" he asked. "Just that im goanna tell Freddy what you said." You said laughing. "No you can tell him..." "Tell me what " you heard Freddy said and you passed him the letter and pointed at the bottom. His eyes scanned the paper and see to fill with fire. "So that what it is....Bonnie!!" he said tackling him to ground. Bonnie bolted up out the room and ran downstairs with Freddy after him. You just sat in the room eating until you heard glass break. You ran downstairs to see the same window that broke last week was no shattered into pieces. "Freddy!, bonnie!" you yelled and they immediately stopped when they heard you yell. The saw the window and the back away. You grabbed them both by the ear and pulled them together banging their heads against another. '' We totally deserved that '' bonnie said. '' well you can spend the day cleaning up here and play your little tunes singer'' Freddy said as he walked up stairs. '' Goldie you're in charge of Y/N '' said as he walked into the room.

Suddenly Goldie appeared in front of you. '' hello dear'' he said grabbing your hand. "Where are we going" you asked as he pulled you outside. "I don't get to go out much so will you please take me somewhere" he asked. "Sure where do you want to go" you asked him. "I'll go anywhere you would like to go" he said closing the door. You had the perfect idea thanks to the allowance mike gave you last month you went back inside and came out with a bag. You guys were going to the pool. You grabbed Goldie's hand and headed to the pool. "I have to ask you something" he said. "Sure what is it" you said. "What do you think of me and the others what do you see us as" he said stopping. "I'm not really sure I've never thought of you guys of something except on the first day when you tried to kill me.. So I really don't know I have to think about it" you said and realized he wasn't their anymore. He was ahead of you and was laughing his butt off. You ran after him and you finally reached the pool after a while of dragging him to the pool. You told handed him a bag and told him to go change.

You were waiting outside for him and he finally came out. "This is what you had planned for me" he said smiling. "Come on we have to race down the water slide" you said pulling him. "Okay, okay wait up" he said as you dragged him. You were at the top of the stairs to the slide and counted to three and went down the slide with Goldie on the other side. You were heading to the bottom to see Goldie waiting there. "Y/N!" you heard a voice yell. You looked at the bottom to see Angeles at the bottom with Goldie. Goldie caught you in his arms and turned around to see Angeles taking pictures. " OH so who's this" she said. "This is my cousin Goldie.. Right Goldie" you said shoving him with your elbow and smiling. "Yeah.. We were just visiting the water park to have some fun.. Haven't been here in a while" he said rubbing the back of his head. "Well okay I'll see you later I got to go my mom's waiting" she said getting out the pool. Once she left you sighed and took Goldie to the snack stand where you got a surprise. 

"GOLDIE YOU WERE TOLD TO KEEP HER IN THE HOUSE WERE YOU NOT" you heard a voice said next to you and you turned around to see Freddy, foxy, and chica. 'When did you guys even get here" you said getting out of your seat. "WE followed you" chica said hugging you. "Where's bonnie" you asked. "HES AT HOME CLEANING, NOW LETS GO HAVE SOME Fun" chica said pulling you into the water the others followed after you and jumped in. You were swimming when you felt something tug your leg. You looked down to see a purple figure. You were about to scream when you saw bonnie appear from under the water. "Shh ... They don't know I'm here keep it down" he said pulling you somewhere packed of people. "Aren't you supposed to be at home cleaning" you said. 

"I finished cleaning plus Freddy said I couldn't come but I didn't listen to the old bear. "he said laughing. "Do you really think you can out smart me BONNIE "you heard a voice say. You turned around to see Freddy and the others. " I might be old but im goanna kick your ASS" he said pushing bonnie under water. " You went down with him and the others jumped on him too. " You were trying to find a way to get out from under them and slipped out only to feel exposed. Your top was gone and floating in the water. They all noticed and bonnie jumped on you to cover you up while Freddy snatched up your top and handed it to you. Everyone around you was laughing and you were the reason why. You quickly put it on and ran out the water. How could they be so freaking stupid? You ran off and grabbed your stuff. "Y/N wait it was an accident" you heard them say as you ran. You went to the nearest park and sat on a bench and cried. Were they really fighting over something so small and end up embarrassing you in front of everyone.

You sat there for the next few hours and eventually fell asleep. You got comfortable and made sure no one was around . You fell asleep to hear someone whispering. You didn't mind and fell asleep. 

Time skip

You woke up to the sound of chattering you opened your eyes to see Goldie, foxy, Freddy, and chica. You looked up to see Bonnies face. He was bleeding. His eyes were red. He had a scar on his cheek with a eye that looked swollen. The others looked like they were in the same condition just that bonnie was the only one who had a black eye. You fell asleep when Goldie raised a hand. the same thing happened last time why did that happen. 

Your dream

You saw spring bonnie and he looked mad why? "Y/N you're okay" he said as he ran towards you. "I thought something had happened to you" he said hugging you. "What do you mean" you said. "The others were looking for you I thought you were kidnapped and then....... Change of plans tomorrow you have to do what I asked you" he said hugging you tighter. Where the others really looking for you and then what happened you couldn't remember. But you back hurt and your legs felt like they were sore." You have to go their goanna suspect something okay" he said pulling away. " Okay ill see you later you" said as he faded away.

You woke up in your room to see bonnie laying next to you and Goldie by your door and Freddy staring out the window as in lost in thought. They realized you woke up and went over to you. " Y/n are you okay" bonnie asked as he sat up. "No my, back hurts and my legs feel numb" you said trying to sit up. "In that case it's happening " Freddy said. "He's almost awakening" he said pulling bonnie off the bed. " What does that mean "you asked." You're in a lot of danger" Goldie said. "Well you guys are goanna protect me right" you said. "Not exactly we have another problem" Freddy said. " What's the problem"......


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