The Ballad of Smoke and Roses

Arthur Ike Blair is a rancher; a cowboy for his father's ranch. Arthur is also the outcast of his step-family, for he is the legitimate and heir of his family ranch- thus making him favorable to his cold hearted father. But when he meets a pastor's daughter, little did he know that he would start a western legend of love, adventure, and a war between himself and the famous outlaws in the west...


2. Chapter Two ~ Blue meets Green

Author's Notes ~ Hi! I really have nothing to say but I hope you enjoy this chapter! 
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Chapter Two

Blue meets Green

  The morning hit the lids of Arthur's eyes and he found himself in his bed. He really wished that the night was longer and he could look up at the stars... It was one of the few things that kept his mother alive in his heart, but he knew that he needed to work in the sun and do his duty as the heir of the Blair ranch. As he got dressed, he noticed something different in his room. On top of his small table in the far corner of the was two pistols and a gun holster with bullets. He never seen those guns before and knew that they looked brand new. Then he saw a note and walked up to it. Arthur read it and wondered about if this note was about the pistols he found in his room.

When I remembered that it was your birthday, I finally knew that now you're a man. And when you become a man, you must now carry your arms and defend your life and others that you care for. So, these two pistols are now the symbol that you've just became a man. You'll be the finest man in the western frontier that has ever walked on this earth.
The man that you know who...

  Arthur then figured out who it was and he smiled down at the note and looked at his guns. He was amazed at the craftsman work of the guns and the holster, he never seen anything like it before. As he put the belt on, he looked at himself in the mirror and was amazed how different he looked with the guns on his hips. He then heard a knock on his bedroom door and he called out, "Come in..."

There, as the door opened, was his friend: Raymond Damon Hoffman. Arthur smiled and gave his friend a hug, "I didn't think you were back! How was California?" 

"It was mighty fine" Raymond said as he hugged his friend back, "My grandpa was thrilled to see me and Elizabeth again- it's been six years of not seeing him." Arthur then pat his shoulder, "Well, that's great to hear-"

Raymond noticed Arthur's guns, "Wow, is that your's?! They sure are pretty." Arthur chuckled as he looked down at his newly owned guns, "They sure are, my pa got them for my birthday." Raymond was in fact surprised that Arthur said that his father gave them those guns. He knew the difficult relationship that his best friend and Mr.Blair had, but he guessed that the familial relationship hadn't fade away. Raymond then spoke, "How about if we- you and me go to Sandville and we can celebrate your birthday?"

Arthur thought for a moment, he really would love to go into town and he would've said yes- but he needed permission from his father. It wasn't like he was housebound, but there were responsibilities on the ranch that needed to be done. Arthur sighed and shook his head, "I can't Ray, I have to go do some work around the ranch-"

"Oh come on Archie!" Raymond exclaimed, "It's just for one day! Besides, birthdays are only one time a year, I think your pa would just cut you some slack... You've worked hard, really hard on you're family ranch- you're pa would understand just to let you go..."

Arthur knew that Raymond was right, he worked really hard...But he wasn't sure if his pa would let him go. Arthur sighed again and looked up at his taller friend, "Okay, I'll ask my pa but I won't be surprised if he says no..."  Raymond smiled widely, "I knew it came to your senses!" 

Arthur rolled his eyes and made his way to his father's study, he noticed that Raymond went outside on the porch and waited for Arthur. Arthur looked in his father's study and saw him smoking a cigar and reading a paper from town. Arthur then walked slowly up to his father and his father spoke, "You're gonna ask me to let you go for one day, am I correct?"

Arthur became stunned when he heard his father, "How did you?-" John answered his incomplete sentence, "Raymond talks to loud, I heard him all the way from down stairs" Arthur chuckled nervously when his father answered, "Yeah, that's Raymond- he's deaf in the ears but he sure is a loud mouth..." 

John then chuckled a little with his son and silence took over the room. Arthur could feel sweat dripping down from his head, he was very impatient of what his father was going to say. John looked upon his son and nodded, "Like what Raymond Hoffman said, you need a break... You can go into town with him, but I expect a hard days work tomorrow."

Arthur smiled and nodded, "Thanks pa..." Arthur walked out of his father's study and made his way to the porch. Raymond jumped from his seat and looked at Arthur, "So, what did he say?" Arthur smiled widely, "He let me go-"

Raymond howl, "YEAH! Sandville, here we come!" As Raymond and Arthur got onto their horses, Arthur chuckled, "You know what my pa said about you?"


"You talk too loud"

  ~ + ~ + ~

Sandville, Arizona... It's not the biggest town nor the smallest town; it was just a town... Nothing really big happened over in Sandville- there wasn't really any excitement over there, no outlaws, duels, nothing... Well, that was all about to change... As Raymond and Arthur arrived into Sandville, many people greeted Raymond. Raymond was a regular to Sandville and he was one of the popular people in the crowd. He was a gentleman to the ladies and was a well respected man in the west. As for Arthur, he'd only visit Sandville on Sundays due to church. Not many people took notice of Arthur, he was just an ordinary young man.

Arthur looked at Raymond and chuckled, "I never knew that people loved you here." Raymond shrugged, "I'm just friendly with the folk I guess..."

They stopped in front the Saloon and tied their horses up. Raymond then chuckled which made Arthur notice, "What's so funny?" Raymond looked at Arthur, "Have you ever drank whiskey- or even beer for that matter?"

Arthur rolled his eyes, "Of course I drank before, it's not like I'm the purest child on this damn Earth." Raymond laughed, " Okay, okay- I just never seen you drank before, that's all" Arthur then replied, "Ray, the reason why you haven't seen me drank anything besides water is that you only see me out in the ranch or at church"

After Arthur spoke, both Raymond and and Arthur heard screaming- a woman's scream. They were trying to find the sound and when they did, the found a young blonde haired lady riding on a wild horse that couldn't stop. Arthur, with out hesitation untied his horse and jumped on. He rode after the young woman and found himself next to her. He looked at her, but couldn't see her face- her golden blonde hair was covering her face. He then yelled, "Ma'am! You have to jump off your horse!"

The young lady was confused, "I will die that way!" Arthur quickly replied, "Not if I catch you! You have to trust me!"

The girl hesitated at first, but she knew that she needed to do something in order to survive. Arthur was ready to catch her and luckily the girl trusted him and he caught her. They both stopped in their tracks and saw the wild horse run off. Arthur and the young lady caught their breath and Arthur spoke, " Your horse will calm down eventually... I can help you try to find-"

His blue orbs then looked upon her face and saw the most angelic face that he'd ever seen. Her skin was so pale that it reflected from the sun, but her eyes were the greenest that he'd seen. He couldn't stop looking at her, her beauty couldn't be defined. He blinked a couple of times to regain back into reality, "I'm sorry, I'm Arthur Blair..."

The girl smiled back, "I'm Hannah Cozens..." She continued, "Thank you for saving my life..." Arthur smiled back with a tint of blush and looked back to the town, "We should head back..."

Arthur and the blonde haired beauty named Hannah rode back to town and Hannah looked at Arthur, "Do you live here?" Arthur shook his head, "I live on my family ranch, which is about seven miles away from Sandville..." Hannah nodded, " I just moved here, I'm new here in Arizona " That caught Arthur's attention, he never met anyone that lived outside of Arizona. He was born and raised in the American territory and never made any trips outside. Arthur then smiled, "Where were you from, Miss Cozens?"

"I'm from Virginia- Arlington, Virginia..." Hannah replied to Arthur. Arthur studied maps and navigation and when Hannah answered, he knew where she was from- she was from the east. He never met anyone from the east... Save one... He then smiled and nodded, "You're a long way from home, what brought you here?"

" My father is the pastor here, I was living with my grandparents- but they died..." After Hannah spoke, Arthur felt sorry for the young lady, "I'm sorry to hear that... What about your mother?" Hannah answered, "She died in child birth about eight years ago..." Arthur sighed, he would never think that she would lose a mother like him- but that was normal in this day of age.

When they arrived back into town, a middle-aged man ran up to them and spoke, "Hannah! Are you okay? I saw the horse-" Hannah chuckled, "Father I'm fine, this man saved my life" Hannah then jumped down without any help from her father or from Arthur. Hannah's father then recognized Arthur and he smiled, "Aren't you John Blair's son?" Arthur smiled as he jumped off his horse, "Yes, Pastor Michael, I'm John's son"

Pastor Michael then extended his hand out, "Thank you so much, if it wasn't for you- I don't think I would ever see my daughter again" Arthur then took his hand and shook it, " Don't mention it, Pastor- anyone would do the same thing." After they shook hands, Pastor Michael Cozens sighed in relief and joy, "Well, I think we should head off." Both Pastor Michael and Arthur tipped their hats and they, along with Hannah, went on their separate ways. But Hannah stopped and looked at Arthur, " Mr. Blair? " Arthur stopped in his tracks and looked at Hannah.

"Will I see you again?" Hannah asked in a kindly fashion. Arthur smiled, "Will you be at church this Sunday?" Hannah nodded, "Yes, I always go to church..." With that Arthur smile grew bigger, "Then you'll see me again..."

Hannah smiled and went on her way along with Arthur who found himself confronted by Raymond, "I don't believe it! You're a hero!" Arthur just laughed, "I ain't no hero, Ray... You would've done the same..." When Arthur spoke, Raymond looked at Hannah and whistled, "She sure is pretty..." Arthur nodded, "She sure is..."

"You like her don't you?" Raymond asked with a smirk and nudged Arthur's forearm, "She's a pretty girl and you like her admit it!" Arthur rolled his eyes and tied his horse next to the Saloon, "Ray, I'm not gonna talk about her... Let's just go inside and have that drink..."

As Raymond and Arthur walked up to the Saloon, Raymond smirked, "I know you like her-"

"Ray, just shut up..."  

~ + ~ + ~

Arthur Blair, a man not forgotten...But carved a legend.... Next chapter coming soon

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