How fast life can change


3. chapter three


••• two months later•••

I told my mom everything from when jack took me into a basement to finding out I was pregnant. She was ok with everything to an extent. She knew it wasn't my fault.

•••next day•••

"Mom!! Can I have a ride to school?!" I yelled from upstairs. My mom was making breakfast downstairs.

"Ya!! But don't be in a hurry! You have time."

"It's the first frikin day !" I whispered to myself. It was my first day at a new school. Wonderful. My belly was big at the time and I looked fat and ugly...

•lunch at school•

"Hi! You must be Rebeka! I'm Lilly." The girl said in a very perky voice.

"Uhm. Ya. But just Bek or Beka." I answered.

"Can I sit with you?"

"Uh. Sure. Ya." I move some thing so Lilly can sit.

She was pale white with blue hair. Her outfit was amazing.

"So. I was thinking..." She started "you look really cute. Not to sound like a creep, but I've been watching you. We're in all the same classes. You're sweet, funny, but at the same time shy."

"Ha. Ya sure. Thanks I guess..."

"Can we hang out tonight? My house is free. My parents are out of town."

'Oh god. No parents. Anything can happen.' So I answered: " uhm sure but can it be at my house?"

"Ya. Totally."

We ate the rest of our lunch in silence.

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