How fast life can change



8. chapter seven


I woke up to someone right next to me. I smiled and rolled over. Lilly looked amazing. Even with her hair a mess and the lighting terrible. I shook her a tiny bit.

"Lilly, wake up."

"Babe." I said in a loud whisper. Wait. Did I just call her babe? Oh god no!

"Did you just call me babe?" I heard a groggy voice say.

"Uhm yeah. Sorry." I looked at the clock. It read '8:37' my mom was already at work.

••3 months later••

I'm now 5 months pregnant and almost everyone knows. Not because of Lilly. She's amazing. Because someone heard my on the phone with my doctor.

Speaking of Lilly, she and I are now an exclusive couple. We said 'I love you' for the first time about 6 days ago. I have another doctors appointment today and Lilly is coming with. I decided to allow her to be my baby mommy. Well get to see the gender of my child. Well, we would have if we didn't want it a surprise. All I really care about is that he/she is healthy.

I'm ecstatic about the baby now. Even thought I'm only in high school. Lilly is happy too. She's been great to me and our unborn baby. We are moving in together in a week. We are going to be our own little family.

••one week later••

"Lilly, can you grab that box there?" I said, pointing down. "Yep that one. I'll take it." I suggested as she picked it up.

"I don't think so missy! Bek you shouldn't be carrying heavy things. Ok babe?" She walked away with the box.

"Yeah. Sure." I whispered to myself.

We're moving into our own house today and I can't wait. It's a three bedroom with two bathrooms. The kitchen isn't small but it isn't huge-- it's a fair size. Theres a living room, dining room, foyer, and pantry room as well.

••3 months later••

Everything's been normal. Routine checkups and doctors appointments. The house has been mine Lilly's and the baby's for awhile. The only big difference is that my stomach is huge. I'm eight months pregnant, so it makes sense.

"Oh ok!" Lilly said, staring at her phone. "How about Beatrice for a girl and Brody for a boy?" We've been looking for baby names online.

"No, they sound like bitch names." I commented. "Ooh! Ooh!" I said, sounding a lot like a monkey.

"Haha! What?!" Lilly was laughing.

"ARON!!!" I yelled.

"I love that name!!"

"It's always been what I wanted to name my first kid.

"Then Aron it is. For both boy or girl?"

"Yeah. But just in case, I like the name Abigail. Abby for short. Or Austin. Aus for short." I said. "I wanna stick with the 'A' names."


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