How fast life can change


5. chapter five


"YOURE PREGNANT?!?!" She screamed. "How? Why? What happened?" Lilly questioned.

"I thought you wouldn't judge..."

I told her. I started to cry and soon I was sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I'm not judging. I'm not. Really!" She defended "I'm confused. Before you said you were gay?"

"He... Uhm... He... We had sex without my permission..."

"He RAPED YOU?!?!"

"SHHHHHH!!!!!!" I whisper-yelled. "Be quiet!"


"It's fine."

There was a long moment of silence until Lilly said "What are you going to do? Are you keeping it?"

"It's too late for abortion. Plus I believe that's the worst thing anyone could ever do. And I don't really believe in adoption.... So yeah. I'm keeping it..."


"Yeah. I was speechless at first too. It's fine."

She reached across my lap for her phone to look at a text. When she came back up her hand accidentally grazed my womanhood. I got horny right away. She noticed.

"Oops. Sorry." Her cheeks flushed.

"It's fine." She came up the rest of the way and was really close to my face.

"I'm gay too, ya know..." She said, staring at my lips.

"Oh yeah?" I teased and she gave a little 'mhmm' before kissing me slowly on the lips.

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