How fast life can change


10. chapter eight


I have my last appointment to go to. There they will see when the baby and I will be ready. I'm also going to ask her (the doctor) if she can write the gender on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. We're having a baby reveal party in 2 days. I can't wait!

••1 hour later••

I finally arrived at the doctors office and signed in. One more month and I'll be a mommy of a child. There were only about 6 other people in the waiting room. I saw a lot of young girls like me. And some ladies in, I don't know, their 30s? I suspected that some of the younger ones, like myself, we're getting an abortion. I don't believe in such things.

"Hello." I heard a girls say to me. She looked my age.

"Hi!" She was noticeably pregnant. Not a huge stomach, a little one.

"Are you here for an ultrasound?" She asked, seeming really nice.

"Yes. 8 months along. I can't wait! How bout you?"

"1 month. I'm trying to get more excited but I can't. Knowing this is a creation of a monster, I can't do it. But I won't have an abortion. I swear." She stated. A monster?

"A monster?" I asked, getting a little too involved.

"I- uh... I was raped." She said

I was speechless. I couldn't think about anything except for this one tiny detail. Except it wasn't tiny at all. She. Was. Raped. Just like me. Without thinking I leaned over and gave her a tight hug.

"Me too..." I whispered as a single tear fell off my cheek. "Me too. I have my last doctors appointment today. We're having a party in 2 days. Do you wanna come?"

"Rebeka?" I heard a nurse call out.

"That's me. Here's my number." I said as I gave her my number and left.

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