Annabel Lee (modern version)

For that poetry competition


1. Annabel Lee

This is a romantic poem, a love story

But more importantly,

This is Annabel Lee’s eulogy.

What can I say about Annabel Lee?

I loved her and she loved me

But suddenly,

she was taken from me.

The day I asked her to marry me,

She was murdered brutally


Some say it was a sign she wasn't meant for me,

A sign that we weren't meant to be,

But once in a lifetime, very rarely,

Will you meet a girl like Annabel Lee,

And even more infrequently,

She crosses paths with someone like me.


Those who are religious or think spiritually,

might say the gods and angels set her free.

So here we are, Anna’s loved ones, friends and family

To scatter her ashes across the sea.


So let's have a toast to Annabel Lee

Let's keep her alive in memory

But don't mourn too extensively

Annabel does not like melancholy

She would want us to be happy.


Let every future visit to the sea

Remind us of the angel that is Annabel Lee

Who watches over you and me.

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